'This Is a Roller Coaster': Levi Wright's Mother Says Family Is 'Taking It Day by Day'

Levi Wright's mother has shared an update on the toddler's condition following his accident

Published Time: 27.05.2024 - 13:31:05 Modified Time: 27.05.2024 - 13:31:05

Levi Wright's mother has shared an update on the toddler's condition following his accident.

On Sunday, May 26, Kallie Wright, who shares Levi, 3, with rodeo star Spencer Wright, said in a Facebook post that the family was "taking it day by day" after previously revealingthey had been "shattered" by his MRI results.

"This is an experience, I pray deep in my soul you never have to know the way I am beginning to," wrote Kallie about Levi, who has been in critical condition in the hospital since driving his toy tractor into a Utah river on May 21.

"This is a roller coaster that you go on unwillingly & blindfolded, you do not know what's coming next," she added. "You just get to wait & ride it out. We are taking it day by day."

The mom of three added of Levi's condition, "The term 'Brain Injury' is very broad, there are ranges and different severities. No two brain injuries are alike, even if the accident is similar. No two brains recover or don't recover the same. There is a lot Medical Professionals don't know, but what they do tell you is based off legitimate medical literature & history."

Kallie also praised the medical team helping Levi, calling their doctor "nothing short of outstanding."

"I believe with all of me that her heart is invested into him, as she has provided us the most precious gift of time. Something we almost did not have," Kallie continued.

"Whether that is time to see if God provides a miracle to us or whether it' -

;s time for us to research, learn and process this all in order to make the most informed decisions. Every decision that Levi's Dad and I will make will be made based on what, we the two people who know him best believe he would want. In all this, he comes first," Kallie added, stating the family had been "exploring the therapies that have been mentioned." 

She added that they had been "engaging with those we feel can be of support for us & getting as many professional eyes on this as possible," writing, "We still just need the prayers. We will need them for years to come as I fear we haven't even reached the hardest part of this."

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On May 24, Kallie posted that Levi's MRI results hadn't been what the family hoped for. "We're shattered but it is just images that suggest a certain quality of life," she posted. "Our real teller of all will be what Levi does over the course of a few days. Please continue to pray! I'm not giving up on my baby just yet."

The results came after Kallie revealed that Levi had woken up. “I am shook, we don't know much but the doctor said it was okay for me to get excited about that and I AM! My baby is so tough!” she wrote shortly after midnight local time on May 24.

"He got a little wild so we had to settle him down again but my heart!" she added at the time.

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