‘Agua Dulce,’ ‘Bolla,’ ‘Knightmares’ Head to Annecy Animation Festival’s La Liga Focus (EXCLUSIVE)

The Costa Rican tale of a grandfather’s lifetime care for his family, “Agua Dulce,” Mexican eco-themed elf story “Bolla” and teen horror tale “Knightmares” are among the six projects to be pitched June 12 at the Annecy Animation Festival’s Mifa Market

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The Costa Rican tale of a grandfather’s lifetime care for his family, “Agua Dulce,” Mexican eco-themed elf story “Bolla” and teen horror tale “Knightmares” are among the six projects to be pitched June 12 at the Annecy Animation Festival’s Mifa Market. These are presented by La Liga, an umbrella association jointly founded in 2018 by Argentina’s Animation! at Ventana Sur, Spain’s Quirino Awards and Mexico’s Pixelatl fest.

“Animation is an increasingly collaborative industry. La Liga the Ibero-American Animation League exemplifies this collaboration among the major markets in Ibero-America, allowing production houses to see the benefits of teamwork,” said Pixelatl CEO, Jose Iñesta.

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“Since its inception, many projects that have won Liga awards have been produced or are in production, such as ‘Dos Pajaritos’ and ‘Primeras.’ We aim to see more Ibero-American content on screens, and the path forward is through co-production, collaboration and teamwork. La Liga was founded with this in mind and we are thrilled to see more of our region’s content on global screens,” he added.

“The projects to be presented at Focus are the winners of the Animation! Pitching Sessions 2023, which took place at Ventana Sur, plus a project from our Mentorship Program for Female Directors and a short film project from the Shortway/Pixelatl festival Bootcamp,” explained Animation! head Silvina Cornillon, who added that members of the Mexican collective Calladitos (participating with the project ‘Bolla’) are creating a mural on a street in Annecy.

“They are muralists as well as animators and were invited by a gallery called Art by Friends in Annecy. Additionally, they recently received the news that they were awarded a fund from Mexican Film Institute Imcine for the development of a short film whose protagonist is the same character as in their feature film, ‘Bolla,’” she told Variety.

Cornillon also noted that the Mexican producers of “Knightmares,” Demente Studio, are heading to Mifa armed with a co-production letter of interest from Cartoon Network Latin America.

A further breakdown of the La Liga Projects:

“Agua Dulce,” Daniela Capó, Roque Vásquez, Housketch Studio, Costa Rica

The 3D short drama aimed at teens and adults chronicles the life of a grandfather who ends up alone after a lifetime of caring for -

his family.

“Bolla,” Ariadna Galaz, Jorge Peralta, Calladitos, Mexico

The 2D series of a dozen 11-minute episodes, centers on Puc, an elf who discovers an extraordinary seed on the island he lives on. He and his friends need to care for and protect the seed which will sprout into a powerful guardian of nature.

“Knightmares,” Juan Sotelo, Demente Studio, Mexico

A 2D cut-out teen horror comedy series of 26 11-minute episodes that revolves around a terrified teen who summons the NightWalker, an ancient monster that turns fears into real monsters. As the NightWalker wreaks havoc in Liz’s school, bringing students’ nightmares to life, Liz must find a way to seal it away.

“Los Tesoros de Marta,” (“The Treasures of Marta.” Antonia Venegas González, Supahpure Studios, Chile

The 12-part 2D fantasy comedy series targets kids 5-8. Alejandro, Fernanda, and Tito, three unique scout kids, discover the ancient journal of their group’s founder, Marta. Inspired, they embark on a quest to follow in her footsteps, seeking treasures and adventures hidden beneath the modern city’s landscape.

“Se eu morrer,” (“If I Die.” Esther Vital, O Par (Brazil), Midralgar (France), Esther Vital (Spain))

The 70 minute stop-motion animation doc, aimed at the 16+ demo, is set in Brazil during a brutal dictatorship. Guerrilla leader Inês Etienne emerges as the sole survivor of the House of Death, a clandestine army detention, torture and extermination center. As the final keeper of its memory, she battles tirelessly to uncover the truth and seek justice.

“Seed,” (Andrés Sehinkman, Federico Carlini, Planta Alta, Argentina)

A CGI 80-minute fantasy feature aimed at kids. It follows Seed, a tiny, unidentified sprout which unexpectedly germinates in a greenhouse and becomes obsessed with discovering its identity. Defying the older plants, he uproots himself and ventures into the rainforest. Joined by his friend Milla, a seed that cannot germinate, he embarks on adventures and meets colorful characters, ultimately learning that all living beings are linked by one invisible root.

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