Alaska Father Dead After Losing Control of His Motorcycle During Memorial Ride for His Daughter

A father in Alaska died while commemorating the fifth anniversary of his daughter's death

Published Time: 05.06.2024 - 04:31:09 Modified Time: 05.06.2024 - 04:31:09

A father in Alaska died while commemorating the fifth anniversary of his daughter's death.

Shortly after 1:30 p.m. local time on Sunday, June 2, Timothy Hoffman, out on a memorial ride in Wasilla, Alaska, lost control of his motorcycle near mile 49 of the Parks Highway, the Alaska State Troopers announced in a press release.

Hoffman, who state troopers said was not wearing his helmet, veered off the left shoulder of the road and rolled into the center median. 

Hoffman and his passenger, later identified by the Anchorage Daily News as his wife, Barbara “Jeanie” Hoffman, were found unresponsive and transported to the local hospital with life-threatening injuries. Troopers noted in the release that the passenger was wearing a full-face helmet.

Hoffman was pronounced dead at the hospital. He was 58.

Jeanie remains in critical condition with a fractured skull, broken back, and broken bones, Tanya Chaison, the fiancée of Hoffman's twin brother said, per the Anchorage Daily News.

Chaison told the outlet that Jeanie had surgery on Sunday, the first of many operations she'll need as she recovers.

Jeanie and her husband are the parents of Cynthia Hoffman, who died on June 2, 2019, at age 19, in a murder-for-hire involving her best friend Denali Brehmer.

As previously reported by PEOPLE, Brehmer had started an online relationship with Darin Schilmiller, who pretended to be a man named "Tyler" and claimed he was a millionaire -

from Kansas. He allegedly offered Brehmer $9 million to kill someone and send him pictures and video of the slaying.

Brehmer and another friend, Kayden McIntosh, allegedly drove Cynthia to Thunderbird Falls, duct-taped her, and took photos of her. McIntosh allegedly shot Hoffman in the back of the head. McIntosh and Brehmer then allegedly pushed Cynthia's body in the river.

In January, the Alaska Department of Law announced that Schilmiller was sentenced to 99 years with none suspended after pleading guilty to one count of solicitation to commit murder in the first degree.

Brehmer, who pled guilty to one count of murder in the first-degree, was sentenced to 99 years with none suspended in February and was found to be a "worst offender," the Alaska Department of Law shared in a separate press release.

McIntosh pled guilty to one count of murder in the second degree in May, and his sentencing is scheduled to begin on Thursday, Nov. 14.

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Another man connected to the case, Caleb Leyland,pled guilty to second-degree murder in November, and his sentencing was rescheduled for Thursday, Aug. 22. Two other teens have also been prosecuted in juvenile court for their alleged involvement in the case, per theAnchorage Daily News.

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