All About Camai Mazzulla? Who Is Joe Mazzulla's Wife

Boston Celtics head coach Joe Mazzulla has been married to his wife, Camai Mazzulla, since 2014

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Boston Celtics head coach Joe Mazzulla has been married to his wife, Camai Mazzulla, since 2014.

The couple met while they were both coaching at Glenville State College (now known as Glenville State University) in 2011. At the time, Joe had recently finished his career as a college basketball player at West Virginia University and was hired as an assistant basketball coach. Meanwhile Camai had finished her career as a dual-collegiate athlete in volleyball and track and field and accepted the position of head volleyball coach.

Things developed between the coaching pair as they built a life together, but as Joe pursued the profession at a higher level, they assessed their future. Camai decided to support Joe in his coaching pursuits and pivoted her career to become a deputy clerk and then a probation officer. All the while, she worked toward her master of science in criminal justice and corrections.

Her sacrifice paid off as Joe became one of the youngest and most successful coaches in the world, leading the Celtics to the best record in the NBA (64-18) and the NBA Finals in 2024, when he was 35 years old. He also set the best record through 150 games of any coach in NBA history.

Over the years, Joe has expressed love and gratitude for his wife's constant encouragement, with whom he shares two children.

"Thank you Camai for your love, support and sacrifice. You are the true face of our family by how you keep us all together and give everything you have every day," Joe wrote in a 2019 letter for Fairmont State Athletics as he departed West Virginia for Boston.

So who is Joe Mazzulla’s wife? Here’s everything to know about Camai Mazzulla and her relationship with the Boston Celtics head coach.

Athletics are a strong part of the Mazzulla household as Camai was a dual-collegiate athlete while attending then-Glenville State College. She was a member of both the volleyball and track and field teams.

After graduating in 2009, Camai became the head coach of her alma mater’s women’s volleyball team — the same team she played for — from 2010 until 2013.

While coaching women’s volleyball at Glenville State College, Camai organized a breakfast for the athletic department. The only person who came was a new unpaid assistant basketball coach named Joe.

“I was a head volleyball coach at Glenville State College, a very small, small town with one stoplight, and that is also where my husband started coaching as well, so that is where we met,” Camai told More Than a Season.

According to her, they didn't have an instant connection when they first crossed paths, but their chemistry grew over time.

"It worked out great because we started off as just friends,” she added.

While Joe and Camai were working at Glenville State College, she could tell he had a deeper passion for coaching than her and the chance to do it at the highest level.

In response, Camai decided to alter her future to support his dream, and she figured out a way to provide financial stability for their family in the process.

“Communication is one of our strongest suits ... We’re able to really have those hard conversations and really talk things through, so it was something that we kind of always knew,” she told More Than a Season.

Camai added, “My passion wasn’t as strong in coaching as his was. I love sports. Obviously, I’ve done it my whole life, but his passion is just like out of this world and mine wasn’t.”

Apart from their excitement for their respective sports, Camai explained that she and Joe thought about their long-term plans and how their careers would fit in -

to the equation.

“We also broke it down to the reality of things: a women’s volleyball coach vs. a men’s basketball coach, kids ... two different seasons,” she continued. “It just was not ideally going to work and I think it was a mature decision, a thought-out decision so we were very comfortable."

After leaving her coaching days behind, Camai got a job as a courtroom clerk for a judge at the Marion County Clerk’s Office. One year later, she continued her legal-oriented pursuits as she became a probation officer for the West Virginia Supreme Court of Appeals.

Also during this time, she was pursuing her master of science in criminal justice and corrections from Fairmont State University — where Joe was coaching basketball — while raising two kids.

“I also began to really excel in my own career. I transitioned from a courtroom clerk for a judge to a probation officer, so I really just dove into my career,” Camai said. “Looking back we were like ‘How did you do that?’ "

She continued, "I mean, I was coaching a fourth-grade basketball team, had a four month old, getting my master's and working a full-time job, and I didn’t even think anything of it.”

Three years after meeting in 2011, Joe and Camai wed on Aug. 9, 2014, in Morgantown, West Virginia.

In honor of their wedding anniversary, Camai posted a photo on Instagram of her and Joe with a caption sharing her belief in them as a couple.

“3 years. Even when the sky comes falling Even when the sun don’t shine I got faith in you and I,” Camai wrote, quoting singer Miguel's song "Sure Thing."

When Joe tied the knot with Camai, he embraced her son Michael, who was born in July 2009 during a previous relationship, as his own, and the opportunity to become a father at 26 years old.

“It made me grow up,” Joe told Sports Illustrated. “She was very adamant on what’s important to her life and what’s important for her son and her family.”

A few years after walking down the aisle, Camai gave birth to their son Emmanuel — sometimes referred to as Manny — in August 2016.

Joe loves speaking about his two kids and giving them and Camai credit for supporting him in his career. Emmanuel even joined him during a press conference after a regular season game when the Celtics faced the Dallas Mavericks.

Little over a decade after Joe started working as an unpaid assistant coach at Glenville, he was made the interim head coach of the Celtics at the start of the 2022 NBA season.

Not only was he taking over a team that had just lost in the NBA Finals, but he would be leading a squad featuring two of the league’s biggest stars: Jayson Tatum and Jaylen Brown.

Going from the assistant coach to the head coach for one of the league’s most promising teams is the kind of pressure that could put a strain on anyone’s relationships. However, Joe told The Boston Globe that his relationship with Camai and his sons only grew stronger during this period.

“Under the circumstances of last year, a lot of families could break apart and go the other way," Joe said. "I felt like the biggest gift last year brought was our marriage got stronger and our family got closer, because we were navigating something new together and nobody else could understand what we were learning and going through."

He added, “So to go through a year like we did and come out with a stronger marriage and stronger family, I think is the best gift you could have.”

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