All About David Beckham’s Sisters, Lynne and Joanne Beckham

David Beckham is best known for his prowess on the soccer pitch and his love and devotion to his family, including his two sisters, Lynne and Joanne Beckham

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David Beckham is best known for his prowess on the soccer pitch and his love and devotion to his family, including his two sisters, Lynne and Joanne Beckham.

The soccer legend was the second child born to parents Ted Beckham and Sandra West, arriving three years after older sister Lynne and seven years before younger sister Joanne. Lynne and Joanne were by Beckham's side as he rose to fame in the sports world, with Joanne being frequently photographed at Beckham's matches throughout his career.

Now adults, the siblings have maintained their close relationship and Beckham is known to share rare photos of his sisters on their birthdays. On Lynne's 52nd birthday in 2024, he posted throwback photos of his older sister, writing, "Happy Birthday to my sis. Hope you have an amazing day we love you."

So, who are David Beckham’s sisters? Here’s everything to know about Joanne and Lynne Beckham and their relationship with the soccer superstar.

Beckham is one of three children born to parents Sandra and Ted. His older sister, Lynne, was born on May 29, 1972, while his younger sister, Joanne, was born on Feb. 19, 1982.

Beckham and his sisters grew up in Leytonstone in East London. From a young age, Beckham dreamed of being a soccer player. In the trailer for his 2023 docuseries, Beckham said, “I never really did well at school because all I ever wanted to do was play football.”

Just a few months after Beckham married wife Victoria Beckham in July 1999, the soccer player's older sister Lynne wed Colin Every at a register office in Hornchurch, Essex. Beckham was photographed smiling beside his sister, who wore a white bridal gown and carried a bouquet of white flowers on the big day. Another photo showed Beckham and Every both kissing the bride on the cheeks.

Lynne and Every went on to welcome three children together; however, they have since split.

When she first started working, Joanne followed in the footsteps of her mother, Sandra, and worked as a hairdresser for a period of time. In 2014, Joanne then launched WeAreYourCity, a luxury concierge service. Founded alongside former Notts County soccer player Jay Smith, WeAreYourCity provided access to London’s most sought-after attractions and offered shopping and restaurant recommendations to high-profile clients.

Beckham attended the company's launch party in 2014. However, the Daily Mail reported that the company eventually shut down six years later.

Like any sibling, Beckham loves -

to take a moment to poke fun at his sisters on social media.

In 2022, he shared a sweet photo of him eating with his mother, Sandra, and joked that he was the favorite kid in the caption, and tagged Joanne. She then commented, "Wonder if she got the king mug out the cupboard for you too. Anything for the king. Oh, was there a red carpet too?" Lynne also commented, "We just stand outside looking through the window."

Beckham's sisters are also seemingly close with his children, Brooklyn, Romeo, Cruz and Harper, and daughter-in-law Nicola Peltz Beckham. Per the Daily Mail, Nicola — who wed Brooklyn in 2022 — wished Joanne a happy birthday on Instagram in February 2022.

The actress shared a photo with Joanne and her mother-in-law Sandra on her Instagram Story, writing how much she missed her aunt and adding, "can't wait to see you soon!"

In 2017, Joanne began dating former Big Brother contestant Kris Donnelly. The couple later welcomed their first child together, daughter Peggy, on Dec. 8, 2017.

Beckham introduced his niece Peggy to his fans on social media, writing, "Welcome to the world little Peggy ❤️ So proud of my little sis and congrats @krissydonners #Daddy such a beautiful family #prouduncle," alongside two photos of him with the newborn.

However, six months after Peggy was born, Joanne and Donnelly split, the Daily Mail reported in June 2018.

Older sister Lynne has three children, Freddie, Georgina and Josh, from her previous marriage to Every, and younger sister Joanne has one daughter with her former partner Donnelly.

When Beckham's niece Peggy was just 7 weeks old, Joanne shared a cute video of Peggy sporting matching hairstyles with the soccer legend, joking that he copied her look. “L O V E . M Y . U N C L E … as if me and uncle david have the same hair! I think he copied me ????@davidbeckham! ❤," Joanne wrote from her daughter's point of view.

Beckham also showed off his love for his young niece on her first birthday in 2018. He captioned a heartwarming photo of the uncle-niece pair, “Happy 1st Birthday to this gorgeous little one... Cannot believe Peggy is 1 already... Hope she has the most amazing day and Jo, don’t give her too much cake, she is still a little young ????.”

According to the Daily Mail, Beckham also became a great uncle in 2018 when Lynne’s daughter Georgina gave birth to a baby girl around Christmastime.

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