All About Kari Karte? Who Is Sammy Hagar's Wife

Rockstar Sammy Hagar is a music icon who achieved fame with his time in the band Van Halen, and he is also committed to his wife, Kari Karte

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Rockstar Sammy Hagar is a music icon who achieved fame with his time in the band Van Halen, and he is also committed to his wife, Kari Karte.

The guitarist reached great heights over time with both his bands (Montrose and Van Halen) and multiplatinum solo career, with Grammy wins and induction into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame to show for it. Standing beside him through his career for the past 28 years has been wife, who Hagar married in 1995.

Karte, who also has a history of working in the entertainment industry and has multiple producer credits, met Hagar through mutual friends and the pair became a couple soon after their first meeting.

Shortly after getting married, Karte and Hagar grew their family and their first child was born. Their family would eventually grow to include another daughter, as well as Hagar’s two children from his previous marriage.

So, who is Sammy Hagar’s wife? Here’s everything to know about Kari Karte and her relationship with the rockstar.

Karte works as a producer, with credits on a variety of films and TV series, including those involving her husband. She has also appeared in a few TV series: She made her debut on the reality series I Married… in 2005. Over 10 years later, she also appeared in the series Oprah: Where Are They Now?

Some of her notable works include: Ram Dass, Going Home (2017) and Rock & Roll Road Trip with Sammy Hagar (2016).

Karte is also named as a producer on Hagar’s solo album, Nine on a Ten Scale, which was released in 1976, and Hagar’s group’s album, ​​Sammy Hagar & The Circle Live: At Your Service, which was released in 2015.

Hagar met Karte at a mutual friend's birthday party, which he has noted was just two days shy of his own birthday.

"I met her and we kind of, you know -

, saw each other again and again and after about the third time we just stayed together," Hagar said of the meeting.

The pair were quickly inseparable, eventually marrying soon after on Nov. 29, 1995, in a private wedding ceremony.

In April 1996, Hagar and Karte welcomed their first child together, Kama. Their second daughter, Samantha, was born in 2001. Kama is an entrepreneur and holistic wellness coach in California, who gained inspiration from her years growing up on the road with her musician dad.

Hagar and Karte are doting parents to their daughters, and they often appear on Hagar’s Instagram account. The family continues to be close as Kama and Samantha grow older, with trips to Las Vegas and other group outings appearing on social media.

Karte is also stepmother to Hagar’s two children from his previous marriage, Aaron and Andrew.

While her husband is quite active on social media, Karte has led a private life.

However, she often makes appearances on her husband’s Instagram profile, with glimpses into the couple’s life appearing through his eyes.

After two decades of marriage, Karte and Hagar are still smitten with each other, and he shows off his wife on social media often. On Valentine’s Day, Hagar shared on Instagram about a special surprise tattoo that he had once gotten for his wife: a red heart with an arrow striking through it, and “Kari” written inside.

“Happy valentine’s day to Kari my one and only,” Hagar captioned the video.

The rocker has also shared about his love for Karte on their anniversaries. As Hagar once posted on Instagram, “29 years ago I met this beautiful soul. 25 years ago today we got married & had two Beautiful daughters. I would do it all again, again, and again.”

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