All About Owen and Greta Kline: Phoebe Cates and Kevin Kline's 2 Kids

Phoebe Cates and Kevin Kline have been in the entertainment industry for decades but they're also parents to two kids Owen and Greta

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Phoebe Cates and Kevin Kline have been in the entertainment industry for decades but they're also parents to two kids: Owen and Greta.

Most recently, they celebrated their 35th wedding anniversary, but they’ve been together since they met at an audition in 1982. The couple were married in a small wedding in March 1989, and they raised their children on the Upper East Side of Manhattan.

"I was 40-ish, when I finally stopped obsessing about acting and thought it would be nice to have a life and actually got married," Kevin told The Guardian in 2014. He also went on to speak about the couple's 16-year age gap. "If I had married someone my own age, the possibility of progeny would have been very slim. I didn't consciously say: 'Hey, we could make babies; want to get married?' It just happened that way."

Kline has acting credits dating back to the 1970s and has starred in films including The Big Chill and A Fish Called Wanda, the latter of which he won an Oscar for in 1989. Cates is best known for her roles in the 1980s films Fast Times at Ridgemont High and Gremlins, but she took a step back from the spotlight to raise Owen and Greta.

”We have agreed to alternate so that we’re never working at the same time,” Kline told Playboy in 1998 (via Entertainment Weekly). ”But whenever it’s been her slot to work, Phoebe has chosen to stay with the children.”

Owen and Greta are both now in their thirties, and they’ve each forged paths in the entertainment industry — Owen is a director, actor and cartoonist, and Greta is a musician and singer-songwriter.

In 2015, Kevin told Parade that the whole family tries to get together for dinner at least once a week. “The kids haven’t banished us from their lives,” he added.

Here’s everything to know about Phoebe Cates and Kevin Kline’s kids: Owen and Greta.

Cates and Kline’s older child, Owen Joseph Kline, was born on October 14, 1991.

After developing an early interest in comics, he went on to study film and illustration at Pratt Institute in Brooklyn.

As an actor, Owen is known for his role as Frank Berkman in the 2005 hit film The Squid and the Whale, and he acted alongside his parents and sister in the 2001 film The Anniversary Party.

Owen went back to school after The Squid and the Whale, telling The Guardian in 2022, “I never wanted to be in the industry.”

“Being a child actor seemed a hellish path, and a quick way to embarrass yourself," he added.

Eventually he moved into directing, which saw his history as a cartoonist come together with his love of movies in his directorial debut. The A24-produced film Funny Pages, which Owen told The Guardian was 10 years in the making, premiered at the Cannes Film Festival in 2022.

“I always made little short films as a kid and drew comics as well, but the thing that both had in common were focused on humor,” he said at a promotional event in October 2022.

Owen continued, “When I was a very young kid — like 8, 9, 10 — I just wanted something that ran next to the Peanuts or Garfield or something like that in the newspaper. I really just was -

focused on three-, four-panel kind of punchline comics and creating."

He went on to share how his childhood interests inspired Funny Pages, saying, “I just thought a story of a cartoonist, in some way, who’s sort of trying to exaggerate a world that gets more and more extreme would be compelling.”

In 2022, Owen spoke to The Guardian about how his mom and dad were, “So supportive," of his movie. He added: "They wanted so badly for me to figure out a way to make my film.”

As for fame and being in the spotlight, Owen views haven't changed much since his early years.

“I always sort of reviled show business,” Owen told Indiewire in August 2022. “It was always repugnant to me. I’m really someone who’s resistant to showing my face in general.”

Cates and Kline’s second child, Greta Simone Kline, was born on March 21, 1994.

She’s a singer-songwriter in the indie-pop band Frankie Cosmos, and she celebrated the 10th anniversary of her debut album Zentropy in 2024.

Greta has been writing songs since she was 11, and in 2014, she talked to Interview magazine about how her “artist-friendly” family was an early source of inspiration.

“My parents have both done some music stuff,” she said. “My family was very artist-friendly, so that was encouraging. I took piano lessons for, like, 10 years. Every Friday night, my family had music at our house."

The vocalist continued, "We’d have friends over and be able to be really loud and play music. That was really encouraging. It was mostly my aunt’s boyfriend, who taught me bass and my brother would play drums and we’d just make stuff up and ‘rock out.’ ”

When she was in eighth grade, Greta said Owen started taking her to his friends’ shows to watch them perform.

“I was always one of the younger people there, but we’d go to the Brooklyn house shows,” she told Interview. “It was a really good scene to be a part of. I was like ‘Wow, people close to my age are making really cool music!’ Frankie Cosmos probably partially came from that realization.”

Though Greta began high school among her peers, she eventually switched to homeschooling and after graduating in 2012, she enrolled at the New York University’s Gallatin School of Individualized Study. The aspiring artist didn't stay in the classroom though as she left to pursue her music career.

“I kind of felt like I was living a double life,” she told W magazine in 2016. “I was always running to play a show every weekend, so I didn’t make any college friends.”

Like her brother, Greta appeared in The Squid and the Whale and The Anniversary, but she told W she has no plans to return to acting.

Meanwhile, her dad has attended many of her shows and even made headlines for an interaction he had with a music critic.

“I got a review in The New York Times,” he told Parade in 2015. “The critic said, ‘There was a man at the back who looked like Kevin Kline and was shushing people.’ ”

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