All About the WWE Legend's Sons and Daughters: Ric Flair's Children

While WWE legend Ric Flair may be known for his flamboyant wrestling persona, he is also a family man as a father to his children David, Megan, Charlotte and the late Reid

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While WWE legend Ric Flair may be known for his flamboyant wrestling persona, he is also a family man as a father to his children: David, Megan, Charlotte and the late Reid.

Ric (born Richard Morgan Fliehr) shares son David and daughter Megan with his first wife, Leslie Goodman. Following their split, Ric wed Elizabeth Harrell, with whom he shares a daughter and fellow WWE wrestler Charlotte (née Ashley), and his late son Reid.

After Reid died in 2013, Ric opened up about how the family has been motivated to keep his memory alive. Speaking to ESPN four years later, the wrestler shared how Reid inspired Charlotte’s career. “For her, she was carrying on something that he wanted to be more than anything in the world, and that was a professional wrestler,” he said.

Despite Ric's many wins in the ring, his children remain his biggest achievement. "It's funny because my biggest thrill in life was my two youngest kids," he told PEOPLE in 2021 of growing his family and career at the same time.

Though Ric "was traveling all the time when my older ones were in high school and college," he showed his love in a different way. "They both were phenomenal amateur athletes and I built a trophy case ... I had fun doing that," he added.

Here’s everything to know about Ric Flair's children: David, Megan, Charlotte and the late Reid.

Ric and Goodman welcomed their first child, David, around 1979.

Following in his famous father’s footsteps, David was a pro wrestler for 10 years, making a name for himself in World Championship Wrestling (WCW) before a brief stint in WWE. He won both the WCW United States Heavyweight Championship and World Tag Team Championship during his career.

Around the time his life in sports was slowing down in 2004, David married his wife Robin. The couple have two children, Pyper and Carter, and reside in North Carolina. David and Robin's daughter has followed in the family's sporty footsteps as a gymnast.

Ric and Goodman's elder daughter Megan was born on January 6.

According to Ric, she has a natural maternal instinct that keeps the family together. “You have been the matriarch since your 18th birthday! You make all of us better for being you! ❤️,” he wrote in a 2022 Facebook birthday tribute.

Megan has one daughter and is married to broker and wrestling promoter Conrad Thompson. The couple are based in Huntsville, Ala., where Ric traveled to visit in August 2022. “Day trip to Huntsville to visit my family!” he wrote on Instagram.

Although Ric's elder daughter didn't become a wrestler, she has competed in bodybuilding competitions. In March 2024, after the NPC IFBB Pro League Sampson Showdown, Ric shared his pride in Megan's achievements on social media.

"Congratulations To My Beautiful Daughter Megan! ❤️????????," he wrote on Instagram.

Ric and his second wife, Harrell, welcomed Charlotte — whose birth -

name is Ashley — around 1986.

She has become a WWE star in her own right, taking home 17 championship belts, and in the process, she's opened up about coming up in her father's shadow.

“I have to work harder, I think, just because I do have that last name. I don’t want people to think that’s why I am where I am in this industry,” Charlotte said in ESPN The Magazine’s 10th Annual BODY Issue. “I put in the time, and I want to be just as good as my dad was."

Charlotte also explained that she initially struggled in the WWE because, as she said, “I didn’t look the part.” Unlike Ric, who was known for his glamour, Charlotte explained that she “didn’t have the extra swag" at the beginning of her career.

She needed to break through the “just a tall blonde” stereotype, something her dad didn’t have to deal with.

"He's never shied away or apologized for being who he is. When you are your true, authentic self, you can't deny that," Charlotte told PEOPLE. “And I think that's what makes him transcend the times and be so popular today is because when he says he's Ric Flair, he is Ric Flair.”

In 2022, she married fellow WWE star Andrade El Idolo (real name Manuel Alfonso Andrade Oropeza) in Mexico after getting engaged two years prior. The lavish ceremony was held in Andrade’s hometown ofTorreón and was attended by 160 guests. The celebration was a family affair, with Ric walking her down the aisle and Megan in the bridal party.

Charlotte told PEOPLE that family involvement was "the most important" element of their big day. "That is why we picked Manny's hometown because he has such a big family," she said. "To me, it was just making sure everyone that was important to us could be here."

Ric and Harrell welcomed Reid around 1988.

Before his death in 2013, Reid participated in some WCW storylines with Ric, including two wins in his teenage years. Later, Reid took a turn at competing in Japan.

He had just returned from a wrestling trip and was with his dad at WrestleMania when he died. “I finally thought I found a place where he couldn’t get into any trouble,” Ric told The Pivot podcast, referring to Reid's history of drug addiction.

The night before the event began, Ric found his son passed out. Upon entering Reid’s room to wake him in the morning, Ric discovered he was not breathing — after paramedics arrived, it was revealed Reid had died in his sleep of a drug overdose.

“I was in shock,” Ric said. He also told ESPN that Reid's death "destroyed all of us."

Years later, the family's tragic moment has continued to motivate Charlotte to excel in wrestling. “I hope you can see me ???????? You are my inspiration every day,” she shared on social media on what would have been Reid's birthday in 2022.

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