All About the WWE Superstars' Relationship: Montez Ford and Bianca Belair

Bianca Belair and Montez Ford have been married since 2018

Published Time: 09.06.2024 - 19:31:04 Modified Time: 09.06.2024 - 19:31:04

Bianca Belair and Montez Ford have been married since 2018.

Belair and Ford first met in 2016 while training at WWE, and their attraction was instant. After dating for more than a year, Ford proposed in 2017 while they were on a trip together.

The couple married in 2018, and Belair became stepmother to Ford’s two children, Morgan and Liam, whom she has helped raise.

"I'm building my legacy right now," Belair shared with PEOPLE of her hopes and dreams for the present and future. "It's special and not anything like what I would have imagined when I first started wrestling."

She added, "It's very busy, very demanding, but at the same time I get to bring my family along with me and we're having fun."

Here's everything to know about Bianca Belair and Montez Ford's relationship as fellow WWE stars.

When asked on the daytime TV talk show Sherri about who made the first move, Belair quickly confirmed that she did.

“That was my first time ever like going after a guy,” she admitted. “But my very first time seeing him I told my friend, I was like, 'Keep him away from me, that is a beautiful man.' "

According to Belair, the two bumped into each other during a night out and although she tried to flirt with Ford, he didn't get the hint — that is until he paid her an unexpected compliment.

"Finally he looked at me, he was like, 'I like your makeup.' I was like, 'Why did you say that?' He was like, 'I don't know, I was nervous,' ” she recalled.

Belair ended up accidentally giving him the wrong phone number, causing an initial lack of communication. Still, the two eventually reconnected when they figured out the mistake.

Ford couldn’t wait to propose: He popped the question at the airport parking lot instead of The Grand Canyon, where they were headed in 2017.

The happy couple officially tied the knot on June 23, 2018. Five years later, they renewed their vows in Las Vegas.

“Even though we meant our vows the 1st time we said them! And I’ll marry you over and over and over again,” Belair captioned an Instagram post of the two outside a chapel on the strip for their wedding anniversary.

Ford welcomed two children, son Liam and daughter Morgan, during a previous relationship, and since they married, Belair has taken on a major role in the kids’ lives.

The pair have chosen to keep their children out of the spotlight and little information is known about the youngsters who were born before their father made his WWE debut in 2015.

“Just wanted to say a POST-Happy Mother's Day to ALL of the special Queens in my life,” Ford captioned a since-deleted Instagram featuring photos of him and his mother in addition to snapshots of his wife with their kids.

He continued, “Mothers truly keep the kingdom afloat. (God knows our family would be lost without ours.) He has surrounded me with the best.”

Ford and Belair began filming for their Hulu reality show in 2023, with the WWE superstars let cameras follow them around both in the ring and at home. The show showcases how Belair is a “busy body” while being a mother, sewing her own ring gear, training and pe -


"It's really the most fun-filled, positive show that's just focused on us and our relationship," she told PEOPLE. She hoped that it would “pull back the curtain” on what it’s like being professional wrestler, touring and raising kids.

Love & WWE: Bianca & Montez debuted on the streaming service in February 2024.

Although there are numerous WWE couples who do share storylines on its shows, fans won’t see Belair and Ford sharing a storyline about their wrestling personas on air.

The couple explained to Sherri Shepherd that they "like to keep it separate, and keep our marriage sacred and have something for ourselves."

"I just feel like we both have enough talent, he can have his own light and I can have my own light and we can both just go out there and support each other," Belair added.

Still, they encouraged their individual ambitions. The pair even give each other advice, big and small decisions.

“My husband, who I met in WWE, Montez Ford, he’s one half of the Street Profits, a tag team, he’s been watching wrestling since he was in his momma’s womb,” Belair said on the Cold as Balls with Kevin Hart podcast. “He was the one that talked me into keeping the braid. He was like, ‘If somebody comes to a show for the first time, but they’ll remember the girl with the braid.' ”

Belair and Ford have their own senses of humor. When she was promoted to the WWE main roster in 2020, her husband decided to pull an “embarrassing” prank on her as she recalled on the Superstar Crossover podcast.

“I was talking about the Usos fellow WWE wrestlers and I said something about them being twins. He Ford said, ‘They’re not twins.’ ‘What?’ ‘No, they’re not twins.’ ‘Really? They look just alike, that’s crazy.’ "

So one day, when she was in the locker room with wrestlers, including Jey and Jimmy Uso, she made a remark about how she couldn’t believe that they weren’t biologically related.

“They fellow wrestlers looked at me like, ‘What are you talking about? They are twins.’ I’m like, ‘My husband told me they weren’t twins!’ " she recounted. "It was probably a couple of months. I was so adamant.”

Although the couple regularly share their affection with each other via social media and in the media, they often make sweet gestures in real life.

For Valentine’s Day 2023, Belair surprised him with a day in New York City, including a Broadway show. Meanwhile, Ford gave his wife a meaningful gift that the entire family could enjoy for her birthday. Shepherd noted on her talk show that Ford tends to “go big” when gifting Belair.

“I remember when we first start dating ... we took a family trip down to her parents, right?” he recalled. “Her dad took us out on their boat. I remember she going, ‘Oh, my gosh, I love this boat so much,’ and she talks about it all the time. I realized, ‘Oh, she really wants a boat.’ "

Montez continued, "So, I planned for it. I planned for it pretty much for the next four years and got her a boat for her birthday.”

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