All About Winnie and Frances: Jimmy Fallon's 2 Kids

Jimmy Fallon has been a father for as long as he's been the host of The Tonight Show

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Jimmy Fallon has been a father for as long as he's been the host of The Tonight Show.

The comedian and his wife, Nancy Juvonen, welcomed their first child together, daughter Winnie Rose, 10, in 2013. They welcomed their second daughter, Frances Cole, 9, the following year —not long after Fallon made his hosting debut.

The proud dad has mixed his personal and professional life, often sharing anecdotes about his children on the show. During the COVID-19 pandemic, he filmed The Tonight Show from his home and gave viewers an even closer look at his family life, with the girls often appearing on camera.

"You have to realize, I never thought I'd become that guy," he told PEOPLE in 2018. "And what I mean by that guy is that now I'm the guy who shows you pictures of their kid on the phone and I go, 'Isn't this the cutest thing?'"

In May 2024, Fallon spoke with E! News about raising Winnie and Frances to understand the value of hard work, rather than lean on his celebrity status for everything they want.

"I didn't get them tickets to see Taylor Swift. I said, 'No, you have to earn certain things. I can't just do this for you,' " he said. "I want them to be as normal and less bratty as they can possibly be.And they're the nicest kids."

Keep reading for everything to know about Jimmy Fallon's two children.

Fallon and Juvonen welcomed their first daughter, Winnie Rose, on July 23, 2013, via surrogate.

Winnie often made appearances on The Tonight Show while Fallon was filming from his Sussex County home during the pandemic. In one adorable appearance, Winnie shared that she had lost a tooth.

"Hold on. I'm sorry. What do you need to show me?" the dad of two asked Winnie as she hopped onto his lap during an interview with Ciara and Russell Wilson. "Wait this is big news guys, tell them what just happened."

"I lost a tooth!" Winnie exclaimed, prompting cheers from the celebrity couple.

"Mommy put a string around my tooth and she tried to pull it out and then it worked," she revealed as the "Level Up" singer asked how it had happened.

Becoming a regular fixture while her dad was conducting Zoom interviews from his home office, Winnie also gave Jon Hamm a lesson on farm animals.

Fallon's daughters also share a close bond, with the proud dad noting that Winnie has become a helpful big sister.

"They're totally pals," he told PEOPLE in 2018. "There's some arguments, but it's baby arguments. They're automatic -

best friends because they're around each other all day long."

"But Winnie's still the oldest and now she's kind of helping Franny," he added. "She's talking to her and she's like, 'No Franny. You don't do that.' It's interesting the way they help each other out. You can tell they're bonded forever."

Several months after Fallon began hosting The Tonight Show, he and Juvonen welcomed their second child, Frances Cole, on Dec. 3, 2014, via surrogate.

"This has been the craziest year of my life,” the late-night host had previously told PEOPLE that June, “but being a father is the most exciting, amazing thing that ever happened to me. And everything’s going well on the show. My life has never been this cool.”

Just like her older sister, Frances, who goes by the nickname "Franny," is no stranger to crashing her dad's celebrity interviews.

During one of the monologue portions of his at-home edition of The Tonight Show, Franny entered the frame to tell her dad a secret.

"Can I help you?" Fallon asked his daughter, who responded, "Daddy, you know what?" before leaning in to whisper something into his ear.

Franny went on to tell her dad that someone "has two things that she needs to do," before speaking more on the secret subject.

Reflecting on his time working on the show from home, Fallon said that the experience helped him further bond with his daughters.

"I really bonded with my daughters during lockdown because I was never normally home that long," he told PEOPLE in March 2021. "Usually I'm at work, so I got to really wake up and go to bed with them every single night for months. I think there was a real bond there that we'll never forget."

Franny's playful personality shines through in frequent Instagram snaps Fallon posts of his daughters. In one video of him making summer fruit salad, the children's book author asks Winnie and Franny if they are going to help him out.

"No!" quips Franny, while a delighted Winnie shouts: "Yes."

In terms of whether Franny and Winnie will follow in their father's showbiz shoes, Fallon has said that his girls enjoy performing.

"I love them so much. Whenever we can, we put on little shows," Fallon told PEOPLE of his daughters. "My wife and I will sit down and we'll watch them sing a song or tell a story. Little family talent show. We're going to be the next Osmonds."

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