Famed Tropicana Las Vegas Hotel Closes Days Before 67th Anniversary to Make Way for New Baseball Stadium

The Tropicana Las Vegas Hotel has closed its doors after more than six decades of memories

Published Time: 04.04.2024 - 04:31:19 Modified Time: 04.04.2024 - 04:31:19

The Tropicana Las Vegas Hotel has closed its doors after more than six decades of memories.

The famed venue, which was home to the city’s longest-running cabaret The Folies Bergere, nearly made it to its 67th anniversary before closing on Tuesday, April 2. Demolition is scheduled to begin in October so that a $1.5 billion Major League Baseball stadium can stand where the Tropicana once stood. 

Despite the hotel having already shut down for business, there were reports that it would stay open until Thursday (April 4), which coincided with the date the hotel opened in 1957, so that fans could have a chance to say their final “goodbye.”

On Wednesday, a rep for Bally’s Corporation, the company that owns the hotel, told PEOPLE those claims were not true. 

“The Tropicana permanently closed to the public on April 2. We are not re-opening to the public on April 4,” the spokesperson said.

However, the city has already found special ways to send the hotel off.

A social media post shared by Las Vegas’ KTNV Channel 13 news station on Tuesday showed the lasting impact the Tropicana has had on the city.

“Marquee signs up and down the Las Vegas Strip say goodbye to the iconic property which has made the city a little bit more fabulous,” the outlet captioned an Instagram video. 

The clip shows multiple hotels using their signage to pay tribute to the hotel. 

“Tropicana LAS VEGAS THANK YOU FOR 67 YEARS OF SPECTACLE,” was written on a marquee above the MGM Grand and many other prominent hotels in the area.

Th -

e iconic hotel also shared a farewell post of their own on Wednesday.

“THANK YOU for 67 years of unforgettable memories and unwavering support,” the Instagram caption began.

In the carousel, a crowd and news cameras gathered in front of the establishment as people recorded the historic moment on their cell phones. 

“We are immensely grateful to you, our loyal guests, dedicated team members, and the vibrant city of Las Vegas for your role in making Tropicana Las Vegas an iconic destination,” the caption continued. 

According to Fox News, some of the history tied to the Tropicana includes the cabaret being featured in Elvis Presley’s 1964 film Viva Las Vegas. Magicians Siegfried Fischbacher and Roy Horn also began their shows there.

The outlet added that part of The Godfather was filmed at the hotel and it was also featured in the 1971 James Bond classic, Diamonds Are Forever, as one of the places the British secret agent stayed. 

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He also references it in the feature film, saying, "I hear that the Hotel Tropicana is quite comfortable."

“Following demolition, approximately 9 acres will be granted to the Athletics to construct their proposed 30,000-seat MLB stadium,” Tropicana’s official website confirmed.

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