From Dramatic Bows to Gloves Galore, Bridal Stylist Julie Sabatino Shares 5 Wedding Style Tips (Exclusive)

When it comes to putting together the perfect wedding day look, Julie Sabatino has couples covered

Published Time: 03.06.2024 - 15:31:14 Modified Time: 03.06.2024 - 15:31:14

When it comes to putting together the perfect wedding day look, Julie Sabatino has couples covered.

The Stylish Bride founder and author has spent two decades curating wedding looks for A-list celebrities and notable clients using her expertise to guide brides and grooms through the world of wedding attire.

Sabatino was first inspired to start her business after planning her own wedding back in 2001.  

“I can remember feeling overwhelmed by the options and also humiliated and discouraged that none of the samples fit; I had a real crisis of confidence and looked for guidance, but there was no such thing as a bridal stylist in 2001.” In addition to The Stylish Bride, she’s also the creator and visionary behind The Sample Size Solution – a portable product designed to help make sampled dresses fit all brides.

Her new book, 'Dressed, Styled, and Down the Aisle: Becoming a Stylish Bride' covers all the bases and helps guide brides looking to find their dress, style their wedding party and create a wedding wardrobe they love.

Here, Sabitano shares her top 5 wedding style trends.

Dramatic Bows

"In bridal fashion, just like everyday-wear, bows of all kinds are still having their moment. We are seeing them used in all shapes and sizes and on accessories as well," she says. "A dramatic bow is a beautiful bridal moment. If you’re considering a bow that has long streamers at the end, have an option to bustle them up so they don’t get stepped on."

Watteaux Trains

"I love a Watteau train! It’s a long piece of fabric creating a train that comes from the top of the bodice in the back (think court-gowns from Marie Antoinette’s era). They are an amazing way to create lots of drama with a piece that is easy to take off. I always suggest making them removable whe -

never you can so you are able to switch up your look quickly," says Sabatino.


"Gloves are definitely back and hot in bridal right now. I’m a huge fan of this classic accessory that so many stylish brides have worn over the years," she says. "Today, instead of only having leather and satin options, we are seeing sheer tulle, lace, point d’esprit and embroidered versions grace brides of all kinds. Gloves aren’t just for your wedding day look. Consider them as a fun addition for an after party dress, or rehearsal dinner outfit."

Multiple Dresses

"It’s become commonplace for brides to change into a second dress for dancing, but our clients are increasingly interested in having three dresses: the wedding dress, a reception dress, and an after party dress," she explains. "Before jumping on this trend, really consider if it’s right for you. Each outfit change takes at least 20 minutes from start to finish, and that’s time you will be missing your reception. To some it’s worth it, and others don’t want to leave the dance floor."

Same Bridesmaid Dresses

"We’ve been seeing brides increasingly interested in having all of their bridesmaids in the same dress in the same color. I think this trend (which was the norm for many years but had died out in recent history), is due to fatigue of the mix and match look that’s been so popular in recent years. Not only is it hard to find dresses that go well together, but it’s a lot of work for everyone involved. If you are trying to decide what route is best for you, consider the amount of time you have and want to devote to it. For brides that are really busy, putting your ladies in the same dress will save you time and headaches."

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