Gino Walks Off After Jasmine's Major Confession and Big Ed Tells Liz He Wants to 'Be Single': 90 Day

Two 90 Day Fiancé Happily Ever After couples are hitting major bumps in the road on their journey to forever

Published Time: 13.05.2024 - 05:31:09 Modified Time: 13.05.2024 - 05:31:09

Two 90 Day Fiancé: Happily Ever After couples are hitting major bumps in the road on their journey to forever.

On the May 12 episode of the TLC series, Jasmine Pineda finally told Gino Palazzolo that she isn't sure whether she wants to have a baby, taking her husband completely by surprise. Meanwhile, “Big” Ed Brown met up with Elizabeth “Liz” Woods for the first time since canceling their wedding without telling her.

In Miami, Jasmine, 37, was excited about potentially joining a beauty pageant. But when Gino expressed concern about what would happen if she ended up pregnant while competing, she finally admitted to him that she was not ready to have a baby with him.

"There is one very important thing that you are not aware of," Jasmine said. "I'm not on the same page as you are."

"What do you mean, you’re not on the same page?" Gino, 54, replied, prompting his wife to say, "I don't feel ready to have a baby."

Gino looked for more details from Jasmine, asking whether she didn't want to have a baby "at all" versus just right now, and she said, "I don't know, I cannot say yes."

"You don’t know? You're just kind of telling me this is what we're — this is the way it is," Gino replied, getting visibly worked up by his wife's revelation. "And without talking to me first about what we could do?"

He then walked off, leaving his wife in his wake, as she asked, "Where are you going?" and he said, "I'm going to bed."

In a confessional, Jasmine said not telling Gino "really destroys" her.

"I feel so bad because I love him so much. I mean, he is the love of my life and lately he has been actually very lovely, caring and supportive," she said, referencing their fight earlier this season when she threatened to divorce him. "But if I tell him the news, that's going to change. And it scares me because I really need, you know, in my life right now."

The episode brings out the emotions for "Big" Ed and Liz, too, as Liz, 31, -

finally gets the chance to express how hurt she was that she "had to find out through Ed's friend" that the wedding was off.

“I don’t always handle things well, as you know,” Ed, 58, said, as he became emotional.

“Do you know how embarrassing that is?” Liz asked him through tears.

Ed then shared what motivated his decision to call off their wedding, which marked the 15th time the couple had split. "It's not like I want somebody else. That’s not what it is. I just… I wanna be single, work on my career," he said.

Liz continued to cry as she expressed her fear that he'll "find someone" and "be the best version of yourself, and it’s not gonna be with me.”

"Liz, rest assured, I’m always gonna be an asshole,” he told her.

“No, you’re a better person out here, Ed, and I’m losing that. And I helped create that. I stuck with you through everything," Liz said through tears. "I hate thinking about you with someone else.”

Ed told her that he wants her to "be happy," before warning her: "If you ever meet anybody like me, just run."

In a confessional, Ed elaborated on what led to his decision as he admitted, "I just felt myself falling out of love with Liz."

"I wanted to stop lying to myself that I was happy," he added. "This had more to do with me than anybody else."

Liz said that she doesn't "have any choice but to walk away," but the "hardest part is just having to start over."

"I went from about to be getting married to single and completely alone," she concluded. "I think it's really shitty to give three years to someone and have it end like this."

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90 Day Fiancé: Happily Ever After airs Sundays at 8 p.m. ET/PT on TLC.

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