Groom Is Upset Because His Sister Doesn’t Want to Attend His Clothing-Free Naturist Wedding

The sister of a soon-to-be-groom is turning to the internet for advice after she said she turned down her brother’s invitation to his clothing-free wedding

Published Time: 07.06.2024 - 23:31:10 Modified Time: 07.06.2024 - 23:31:10

The sister of a soon-to-be-groom is turning to the internet for advice after she said she turned down her brother’s invitation to his clothing-free wedding.

The Reddit user shared a viral post on the site’s True Off My Chest thread that she told her brother that she refused to attend his wedding and reception, which is being held at a naturist resort where he and his bride first met.

"My philosophy is that I don't care what others do as long as someone isn't hurting or infringing on my rights or the rights of others. Whatever consenting adults do in their private lives is none of my concern,” she wrote. “However, I do take issue with them being angry that I won't attend their wedding.”

She noted that she “checked with them” if nudity was a requirement at the wedding celebration “or if it's regular wedding attire,” and they confirmed that all of their guests were required to be in the buff for both the ceremony and reception. 

She went on to explain that despite understanding the “significance” of the wedding venue, she wasn’t willing to follow the dress code. She also noted that she “offered to pay for a separate reception for them,” but the offer “just made them angrier.” 

“I’m not comfortable being nude in front of a large crowd of strangers. Either at the wedding or in the resort, period,” she wrote. 

“I am definitely not comfortable walking up the aisle arm in arm with a groomsmen I've never met when we're both nude. Or standing in front of everyone during the ceremony, or being in all photographs when I'm nude,” she added. 

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She said that she also didn’t know her brother's fiancée “well enough to be f -

riends,” though his bride-to-be commented to her that “if she looked like me she would go nude all the time.”

The Redditor said the issue wasn’t about her body, but comfortability — something that some of her “siblings and cousins (or their spouses)” have also expressed concerns about. She said that her parents are also “no longer with us,” so she can’t ask them for advice.

“I'm not saying being a naturist is wrong. I'm not saying they should not get married at the naturist resort. I'm just uncomfortable with attending the wedding if I'm required to be nude for it,” she said. “I'm just wanting to get off my chest how I feel about my brother not understanding my discomfort with this.”

Several people responded to the post noting that the woman shouldn’t be pressured into doing anything that she didn’t want to do. One person noted that the same thing almost happened to her with her naturist cousin, though they ultimately opted for a clothed wedding.

“There is no way I could handle going to that especially when most of the guests I would know would be family. Just no,” the Redditor wrote. “I was almost in your position and I would have rsvped no. It's literally my nightmare.”

“If they don’t understand they are being completely unreasonable then they are completely deluded.... How could they not know that this would be a dealbreaker for most people to come to their wedding? No one has the right to demand this of anyone,” another commenter said.

“You are not wrong for feeling this way as I certainly wouldn't feel comfortable. Your brother and his fiancée have to understand while this is a lifestyle for them, it won't be for everyone else,” another person chimed in.

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