‘He’s a Classic' (Exclusive): Jared Leto Doesn't Mind When Fans Compare His Look to Jesus

Jared Leto has seen the memes

Published Time: 02.04.2024 - 18:31:05 Modified Time: 02.04.2024 - 18:31:05

Jared Leto has seen the memes.

The 52-year-old actor is aware of the comparisons circulating online that point out the similarities between his looks and those of Jesus — but he’s here for the fun. 

“There is a funny meme of a Brazilian grandmother who had a picture of me on her refrigerator and she thought it was Jesus,” he tells PEOPLE at the iHeart Radio Music Awards on Monday. “She thought I was the man.”

As for what he thinks about the comparisons — and the memes — he says, “It could be worse.”

"He's a classic,” Leto says, before quipping, “It could be Ronald McDonald or something."

Funnily enough, the actor has also been compared to another high-profile figure recently — though he’s a bit different than Jesus.

During an appearance on SiriusXM’s TikTok Radio, Leto was told he looks “identical” to Scott Disick, to which he replied, “Really? Lucky me. Thank you.”

“That would be nice, because then I would have a rich relative. Because he’s very wealthy, right?” the Morbius star continued.

At Monday’s awards show, Leto was fresh off a whirlwind weekend performing in Monterrey, Mexico, on Saturday night for “75 or 100,000 people.” He says it feels “incredible” to be back on the road with Thirty Seconds to Mars on their Seasons world tour.

“My brother and I have shared t -

his for 20-something years now. And to be back on the road is just a dream. It's been a long time coming,” he tells PEOPLE. “Something's going on out there at these shows. I don't know what it is, but the audiences are on fire and the new songs are feeling incredible on stage. So it's going to be a fun year back on the road.”

Leto and the band will be on tour throughout Europe until June. They will then come back to the U.S. for a string of shows this summer. “It's the biggest tour we’ve ever done – and the craziest tour for sure,” he says.

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At the same time, he’s finishing up filming his work on the upcoming movie, Tron: Ares, which is a standalone sequel to 1982’s Tron and 2010’s Tron: Legacy. “It's a wild thing to do both of those at the same time,” Leto says of juggling the tour and filming.

The actor adds, "But like I said, I was on stage less than 48 hours ago in Mexico... and it's just an incredible, celebration of life. It's been a beautiful thing."

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