How Donna Summer's Daughter Really Feels About the Comparisons Between Her Mom and Friend Kelly Rowland (Exclusive)

Brooklyn Sudano is opening up about the comparisons between her mother and Kelly Rowland

Published Time: 23.05.2024 - 02:31:04 Modified Time: 23.05.2024 - 02:31:04

Brooklyn Sudano is opening up about the comparisons between her mother and Kelly Rowland.

At The Grammy Museum Inaugural Hall of Fame Gala on Tuesday, May 21, the My Wife and Kids actress, 43, spoke to PEOPLEabout the comparisons between Donna Summer — who died in 2012 — and the former Destiny's Child member, 43.

In 2021, an unearthed 1979 photo of the "Last Dance" legend reminded fans of Rowland, prompting them to call for some fantasy casting.

"Kelly and I are friends, so of course we have spoken about it," Brooklyn said. "I love Kelly. She is the best. So talented, so beautiful. We hear you."

She also touched on the topic of a biopic about the late singer, saying "it's all in the works."

"These things take such a long time, and so it was really important to me and my family to get the doc out there, which we did," Brooklyn said of the 2023 documentary about Summer — Love to Love You, Donna Summer — which she co-directed. "So there's lots of conversations and we'll see what the future holds. I can't say too much now."

While attending the 2024 Grammys, the "Hot Stuff" musician's husband Bruce Sudano and her daughters Mimi, Brooklyn and Amanda "blessed" the idea of a biopic, per XONecole.

Bruce, 75, said that they were open to the idea, but had a caveat. -

“Yes, we’re interested, but our inclination is to do a limited series,” he told the outlet. “Because there is so much nuance and different phases of Donna’s life and career that would give us a little more latitude in telling her story."

He also praised Rowland.

Bruce continued, "And connecting with people on a different level—not only on the music level but on the human level. That’s the road that we’re exploring now. As far as Kelly, we love Kelly. We’ll see!”

Love to Love You, Donna Summer debuted in May 2023.

The documentary, directed by Brooklyn and Roger Ross Williams, took "an in-depth look at the icon as she creates music that takes her from the avant-garde music scene in Germany, to the glitter and bright lights of dance clubs in New York, to worldwide acclaim, her voice and artistry becoming the defining soundtrack of an era," per a release.

"A deeply personal portrait of Summer on and off the stage, the film features a wealth of photographs and never-before-seen home video footage — often shot by Summer herself — and provides a rich window into the surprising range of her artistry, from songwriting to painting, while exploring the highs and lows of a life lived on the global stage," the description continued.

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