I Keep Buying These Slip-On Sneakers That Are So Supportive, I’ve Comfortably Walked Miles Around Disneyland

I believe in buying in multiples — especially where the Kizik Athens sneakers are concerned

Published Time: 01.04.2024 - 13:31:09 Modified Time: 01.04.2024 - 13:31:09

I believe in buying in multiples — especially where the Kizik Athens sneakers are concerned.

Throughout my 20s and early 30s, I didn’t own sneakers or flats. A peek inside my closet would reveal rows of sky-high heels, which I somehow tottered on without a second thought. However, a bad ankle break almost a decade ago made me rethink my shoedrobe — and while I still love heels, I’ve grown my sneaker collection immensely in the years since. Paramount for me is the blend of comfort, fashion, and function, and these slip-on sneakers fit the bill on all counts.

For me, there’s something so instantly appealing about slip-on shoes. After all, you slide your foot in and go on your merry way. Until I discovered these sneakers, I had no idea just how amazing it could look and feel. Considering I bought one pair, then another, and then added a third to my stash, I think it’s safe to say I’m a major fan.

These sneakers are my go-tos for comfort, style, ease, and occasion, all rolled into one. They’re designed with a breathable knit mesh upper, springy and cushioned outsoles, and removable and washable insoles. Plus, they require no break-in time, so I can slip them on right out of the box and go. Even though they technically have laces, they never loosen, and the heels instantaneously spring back up. Kizik may call this HandsFreeLabs Technology, but I call it genius. 

Shoppers can choose from sizes 6 -

–16.5, which are available in both regular and wide widths. I’m a true size 6, which fits perfectly. There are a variety of colors to pick from, including pink, black, and gray. (I own all three.)

I’ve trekked for hours in these sneakers, my longest stretch being 12 hours walking through Disneyland. They’ve also been on my feet all over Los Angeles and trips to Sedona, New Orleans, Cleveland, and Boston. I even convinced my mom to buy a pair — she’s now on her second and loving them just as much as I do.

These sneakers have racked up hundreds of five-star ratings, so I’m not alone in singing their praises. “They are so easy to slip on and off,” wrote one shopper, continuing, “They not only look great, but they feel wonderful on my feet. I think I have had them on every day since they arrived on my doorstep.”

Another shopper, who wore them to Disneyland like I did, said they “closed the park down and didn’t have one blister.”

A third shopper who couldn’t bend after back surgery said, “These shoes are so comfortable, and you can easily slip them on without bending.” They also liked their roominess, saying, “you don’t feel like your toes are being cramped.”

Head to Amazon to check out the Kizik Athens sneakers for $129 now. Then check out the rest of the Kizik sneaker family below.

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