I Read More Books Than I Ever Have Before Thanks to My Amazon Kindle, and You Can Snag One for as Little as $80

I had one goal for myself in 2024 that I was determined to make a reality read more books

Published Time: 11.05.2024 - 03:31:04 Modified Time: 11.05.2024 - 03:31:04

I had one goal for myself in 2024 that I was determined to make a reality: read more books. Well, I can confidently say I’ve read more books over the last five months than I have in years. And it’s all thanks to my Amazon Kindle.

I was gifted an Amazon Kindle Paperwhite for Christmas (thanks Mom!), and it’s the sole reason I have been flying through books. The device is so compact and easily fits inside a purse, so I bring my Kindle just about everywhere. No more lugging around heavy hardcover novels and risking a bookmark falling out into the deep abyss that is my work bag.

Right now, multiple Kindle models are on sale, and prices are as little as $80, a.k.a Black Friday-level deals.

I never thought I would prefer reading on a tablet, as I have sensitive eyes and the glare that often comes with another device seemed unappealing. Yet, the Kindle Paperwhite proved me wrong. Thanks to its adjustable paper-like display, it really looks like actual book pages, whether I’m reading under fluorescent train lights or outside on a sunshine-filled day.

I can easily hold the e-reader with one hand (this is especially helpful when I’m on the train and have to stand). To turn a page, I just tap the screen, and it swiftly moves ahead with zero lag time. It’s also waterproof, so I can confidently bring it to my pool and beach hangs this summer. Plus, I picked up this case that’s now 67 percent off for additional safety.

The thought of hav -

ing to remember to charge the Kindle might sound daunting, but its battery life is exceptional — according to the brand, the Kindle Paperwhite can last up to 10 weeks on a single charge. I’ve only had to charge the device three times since I started using it in January. 

Another reason why a Kindle is worth the investment is the fact that you can instantly access millions of books. My colleague, senior shopping editor and strategist, Alex Nelson, convinced me to enroll in Kindle Unlimited.

For $12 each month (after an initial three-month free trial) Kindle users can borrow more than four million titles, including books, magazines, and audiobooks, for as long as they please — no due dates here. If I’m ever without my Kindle and I really want to keep reading, I can just log into the Kindle app on my phone, computer, or tablet for added convenience. 

Looking for more of a digital notebook? The Amazon Kindle Scribe is also discounted right now. Users can take notes and sketch in the device with the accompanying digital pen, so you can pause wherever you are in a book to make a to-do list and then hop back into reading without juggling the e-reader and another tablet or phone.   

I can’t get enough of my Amazon Kindle, and it’s forever changed the way I read books. Add one to your cart now and check out more discounted Amazon electronics below.

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