Jenny McCarthy Calls 1 Contestant 'a Frontrunner' as the Competition Names Its Final 3: The Masked Singer

Warning This article contains spoilers for the latest episode ofThe Masked Singer

Published Time: 09.05.2024 - 04:31:13 Modified Time: 09.05.2024 - 04:31:13

Warning: This article contains spoilers for the latest episode ofThe Masked Singer.

The final four took the Masked Singer stage on Wednesday, May 8, as the battle for the Golden Mask trophy intensified.

Before Clock, Goldfish, Gumball and Poodle Moth returned for the quarterfinals, hostNick Cannonannounced that judgesKen Jeong,Jenny McCarthy,Rita OraandRobin Thickecould hit a blue button on the panel desk to get an extra clue for one contestant in the form of an Amazon Prime delivery package.

From there, Clock took the stage first.

“Winning against all these young whippersnappers still has this Clock in shock,” Clock said in her clue package.

Clock shared that her loved ones always enjoyed hearing her sing until she expressed wanting to do it for a living. “I was a young mother and most concerned was my own mom,” Clock said.Now, “my son actually works with me on tour,” Clock revealed.

Clock got the crowd dancing with “Get on Your Feet” by Gloria Estefan.

Afterwards, Clock got a call from someone special: her son. “You never cease to amaze me,” he said. “I’ve seen you perform thousands of times. I know you’re nervous tonight, but remember, you performed for the pope.”

Clock teared up hearing her son as the judges suggested she might be one of the members of the Sisters Sledge or Shirley Bassey.

Gumball popped up next.

The vending machine said in his clue package as "someone who was an athlete” being in the Smack Down during the May 1 episode made him feel “like I was back on that field.”

Gumball tackled “I’m Yours” by Jason Mraz.

“I feel like this is a voice that should be in a famous boy band,” McCarthy, 51, said.

For Gumball’s extra clue, he received a call from his wife. “I’m just so proud of you and watching you on that stage reminds me of your time spent off Broadway,” she said. “You’re really back in your element.”

Gumball referred to his his wife as “the most incredible person I know.”

James Van Der Beek, Derek Hough and Taran Killam arose as options for Gumball, and Jeong, 54, doubled down on his guess of Killam, 42, after calling in the Amazon Prime clue and receiving a kid’s doctor set.

McCarthy thought Jeong “might be right” by guessing the former Saturday Night Live star.

Poodle Moth kept things going by reflecting on being saved by the Ding Dong Keep It On bell during the Group C Finals. “I was so grateful,” Poodle Moth said in her clue package.

The canine-insect hybrid shared that a similar situation happened to her in her career.  

“I was saved right when I needed it most,” Poodle Moth said. “Before my big break, I had no cash, a credit card gaining interest and even had to borrow money for gas. I was afraid of answering my phone just in case it was the debt collectors aga -

in until one time, I was this close to ignoring it, but for some reason, something in me picked up. And thank goodness, because that call changed everything.”

That call resulted in Poodle Moth’s “big break,” she revealed.

Poodle Moth covered “Price Tag” by Jessie J featuring B.o.B. before receiving another important call —this time, from her sister.

“Is there anything you can’t do?” Poodle Moth’s sister asked. “Seriously, from performing in that costume to earning a Golden Globe nomination, your talents are endless.”

The judges thought Poodle Moth could be Sheryl Crow, Chrissy Metzor Riley Keough.

Goldfish closed out by talking about her career evolution.

“I feel like I’ve been through a lot in my career,” Goldfish said in her clue package. “When you’re young and suddenly a role model, there’s a lot of pressure to live up to the expectations and grow up in front of the whole world. People wanted me to be one thing: perfect. But perfect is impossible, the one thing I am is resilient. In Hollywood, you have to keep reinventing yourself. We’re not the same from our teenage years to our adult years.”

Goldfish covered “Unforgettable” by Nat King Cole.

"You are truly a starlet and a frontrunner in this competition," McCarthy gushed of Goldfish.

The fish proceeded to accept a call from her husband, who she described as “a real sexy man who I love dearly.”

“Hey babe, I’m so happy to see you thriving in this competition, but honestly, I knew you would all along,” he said. “You never back down from a challenge and you absolutely love to perform live.”

Hilary Duff, Vanessa Hudgens and Nicole Scherzinger came up as options for Goldfish.

Cannon, 43, announced that, after the studio audience and panel voted, the two contestants with the two fewest votes would compete in Smackdown. Once the votes were tallied, the father of 12 declared that Gumball and Poodle Moth would face off in the Smackdown, while Clock and Goldfish would move forward to the semifinals.

Poodle Moth and Gumball each put their spins on Cher’s hit “If I Could Turn Back Time.”

Ultimately, the panel picked Gumball to move forward, while Poodle Moth unmasked. Poodle Moth turned out to be This Is Us star Chrissy Metz.

“You were accessing your emotions in these clue packages,” Jeong said after the 43-year-old actress unmasked. “We felt it.”

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