Jessica Alba Paired a Satin Skirt with the Fuss-Free Bag Style Taking Hollywood by Storm — Get Her Look Under $45

Welcome to The Blueprint, where we break down the celebrity looks we want to wear right now and build them back up, piece by piece

Published Time: 23.05.2024 - 03:31:10 Modified Time: 23.05.2024 - 03:31:10

Welcome to The Blueprint, where we break down the celebrity looks we want to wear right now and build them back up, piece by piece.  

Jessica Alba and I live completely different lives, for that I’m certain. But our styles, on the other hand, couldn’t be more alike.

The Fantastic Four actress, 43, was spotted with her husband Cash Warren on Sunday night (the same day she marked their 16th wedding anniversary with an Instagram post) in a satin-looking skirt, a crossbody bag, and some braided sandal heels. And my first thought was: Hold on a second, I also have a satin skirt that I pair with hands-free purses! And my second thought? Wow, I really need a pair of braided sandals for spring and summer.

In my experience, satin skirts are so comfortable, as they don’t squeeze or restrict you in any way —I sometimes feel claustrophobic when things are too tight —and they make all outfits, even ones with casual T-shirts on top, look and feel more purposeful. Plus, with a crossbody bag and some slip-on sandals, everything is just easy. There’s no more overstuffed hands, no more shoelaces coming undone, and no more riding the struggle bus to get ready.

Alba’s midi skirt is a spitting image of the brown skirt Meghan Markle wore in 2020 — and so is this high-waisted one from Modegal. The color is “more of a dark coppery tone,” according to one -

shopper, and, they added, “it's not transparent at all,” so you can skip out on wearing slip shorts underneath if it’s a hot day. It’s on sale for 15 percent off now, but even when full-priced, it’s under $35.

I’d 100 percent wear the Cushionaire Onyx Braided Heel Sandals to dinner, but on a normal day, I’d be prioritizing comfort, which is how many shoppers describe these Dream Pairs Braided Sandals: “These shoes have so much padding in them I was shocked at how comfy they were,” one shopper said. They also have two thick braided straps, which look designer-like, and won’t slide off like a single-strap pair. There are five colors to choose from, too, including brown, black, nude, pink, and white.

It really is just another day, and another crossbody sighting: Jennifer Aniston, Oprah, Taylor Swift, and more A-Listers are carrying hands-free bags, and I’m committed to them, too. If you have yet to add one to your collection, this one has three separate compartments to keep everything sorted, and the strap is adjustable, so you can wear it tighter or looser, or on your shoulder. And it’s on sale for $20 today.

TL;DR: Jessica Alba and I are basically wearing the same spring outfit blueprint. Keep scrolling to shop more styles inspired by the star now. 

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