John Leguizamo Says He Regrets Turning Down Devil Wears Prada Role That Went to Stanley Tucci

John Leguizamo is reflecting on roles he nearly played

Published Time: 08.05.2024 - 19:31:17 Modified Time: 08.05.2024 - 19:31:17

John Leguizamo is reflecting on roles he nearly played.

The actor, 63, told Business Insider he turned down the part of Nigel Kipling in 2006's The Devil Wears Prada, a character that was ultimately played by Stanley Tucci.

"Oh yeah. The Devil Wears Prada, the Stanley Tucci part," he said when asked if he had regrets.

"Also Happy Feet, the Robin Williams part," Leguizamo added. "And Mr. & Mrs. Smith, the Vince Vaughn part. I had my reasons. I mean, they're stupid, but I had my reasons."

In Devil Wears Prada, Tucci's character Nigel serves as a mentor to Anne Hathaway's Andy Sachs as she struggles to find her footing at the fictional Runway magazine working as assistant to editor-in-chief Miranda Priestly (Meryl Streep).

While Leguizamo did not share why he denied the Devil Wears Prada role, he expanded on his reasoning for turning down the other two movies.

For 2005's Mr. and Mrs. Smith, he said he was only offered a minimum rate for appearing alongside stars Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie.

"I felt dissed. And they probably weren't dissing me, but I felt dissed," Leguizamo told Business Insider. "Sometimes when you're a person of color you're so used to being dissed that you think you're being dissed, and sometimes you' -

;re not being dissed. So that's what happens, and you have to go to a lot of therapy to fix that."

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As for 2006's Happy Feet, Leguizamo said he turned down the role of Ramón the penguin because he had already starred in the animated Ice Age movies as Sid the sloth.

"I was going, 'I don't want to be doing all these ice movies,' " he said. "Such a stupid reason. But it seemed logical to me at the moment, and then I lost out on millions."

Leguizamo, who is currently promoting his new series The Green Veil, also said he never got tired of playing Sid in the various Ice Age films — and he almost had different costars.

"The original Ice Age was a drama. I was always on, but they had different actors. We had the late great Philip Seymour Hoffman, we had Ben Stiller attached, and then it ended up being Ray Romano, Denis Leary and myself," said Leguizamo.

He continued, "It went through years of trying to get it to a comic beat, but I always loved that character. We created this innocent, naive, beautiful soul. I value that. I love Sid the Sloth."

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