Julia Fox’s New ‘Velveeta Gold’ Hair is Like a ‘Delicious Bowl of Mac and Cheese' Says Her Stylist (Exclusive)

We got all the details on the cheese-inspired color from her pro John Novotny Julia Fox just debuted another daring hair look and this one might be her wildest yet

Published Time: 01.04.2024 - 13:31:05 Modified Time: 01.04.2024 - 13:31:05

We got all the details on the cheese-inspired color from her pro John Novotny

Julia Fox just debuted another daring hair look and this one might be her wildest yet.

In the past two years alone, the actress has experimented with an array of bold styles and colors, including an edgy maxi mullet, striped bangs, Little Mermaid-red locks and gray roots at the 2023 CFDA Awards. And for her latest look, she's turned to the dairy aisle for inspiration.

On Sunday, the OMG Fashun host, 34, showed off her new golden hair hue at the Knicks game in N.Y.C. on Sunday. The color was created in partnership with Velveeta (yes, as in the cheese brand) to promote its first semi-permanent hair dye called “Velveeta Gold" (now available onAmazonfor $7.50).The actress paired her new 'do with an equally head-turning outfit featuring a cone-shaped white top with matching bikini briefs and a bright yellow furry jacket.

John Novotny, Fox’s hair pro, breaks down the star's transformation.

“The Velveeta Gold is honestly fab and she’s definitely golden!” Novotny (who uses they/them pronouns) tells PEOPLE.

"Julia and I were both pleasantly surprised at how beautiful the gold color is. It’s a warmer yellow reminiscent of a warm sunny day or delicious bowl of mac and cheese,” they say, which is fitting since the dye is inspired by the "supremely creamy and melty goodness" that is Velveeta.

The duo also have a relationship built on trust and are “always down for a challenge," so were “ready to play” with the vibrant golden hue. 

Taking Fox’s hair from her most -

recent icy platinum blonde (which Novotny says faded into a lavender gray as seen below on Saturday March 30) took almost an hour, making it a “pretty simple” process. The application took 30 minutes and then Novotny let the dye sit on Fox’s hair for 20 minutes before washing it out. Their advice to those with darker hair: extra time to get the full effect. 

“A lot of yellow hair dyes tend to lean more towards slime green, but not this one. This dye is a deposit-only color, meaning no damage,” Novotny says.

By the end of the transformation, Novotny could tell Fox was “feeling herself and ready to flaunt her new look." She rocked her new color at the basketball game, along with a hairstyle inspired by Marilyn Monroe as “a nod to one of many amazing women like Julia," says Novotny.

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Tapping the Uncut Gems star to debut Velveeta’s foray into the hair space was a no-brainer for the brand.

“Julia is the absolute queen of self-expression and always exudes confidence which is on par with living a life that’s La Dolce Velveeta. She lives an unapologetic lifestyle and does what feels good for her,” says Novotny. “She marches to the beat of her own drum and is all about living life to the fullest and embracing outrageous pleasure every day, which is exactly what Velveeta’s attitude is all about.” 

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