Lily Allen Resented Elton John for Ignoring 'Vulnerable' Letter for Years Before Realizing She 'Never Sent It'

Lily Allen had quite the one-sided feud with Elton John

Published Time: 09.05.2024 - 03:31:18 Modified Time: 09.05.2024 - 03:31:18

Lily Allen had quite the one-sided feud with Elton John.

The British pop star, 39, used to be a client of a management company owned by the "Rocket Man" icon, but she was dropped from the roster in 2014,around the time she went through a divorce and struggled with substance abuse, she recalled on a new episode of her Miss Me podcast.

Feeling upset, Allen said she sent John a "vulnerable" letter expressing her grievances and felt offended for years after she didn't receive a response — before realizing she never actually sent the note.

"He would call me like once every couple of weeks to check in and say hi and make sure I was OK," reflected the "Smile" singer. "And there was some times in that period where I wasn't OK. I remember he sent me to his house in the south of France to go and relax and dry out a little bit because I was, you know, perhaps not living very healthily at the time."

Following the release of her third album, Sheezus, which garnered a mixed response from both critics and fans, she was let go from John's management company. "I was very sad about it," said Allen.

"And I wrote this long letter to Elton to say how sad I was about the situation and that I was particularly sad because he wouldn’t call me anymore, and I didn’t get my bi-monthly phone call from Elton checking in, and there was a big Elton-shaped hole in my life," she added. < -


"Over the next few years as my life began to sort of spiral out of control, I held much resentment for the fact that I'd made myself very vulnerable in this letter and told him all about my sobriety," said the "Hard Out Here" performer. "He’s a sober person, Elton, so I thought that he would’ve responded to this letter."

"I was quite cross with him for a few years for not having responded to this letter because I’d been very vulnerable and open, and I thought it was mean of him, actually," she admitted.

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"I thought it was mean of him, and then when I moved here to America, I was unpacking and I found the letter," said Allen, who then started laughing. "I never sent it! So, I’d been harboring all this Elton resentment."

Considering she previously had a positive relationship with the 77-year-old "Bennie and the Jets" singer, "It felt so out of character, which is why I was so upset," she explained.

"Anyway, Elton, if you're listening — which you're probably not — I love you," said Allen, "and I no longer harbor that resentment towards you. You will forever be the biggest queer icon of my life."

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