Lindsay Hubbard Accuses Carl Radke of Laying the Groundwork to 'Villainize' Her in the Wake of Their Breakup

Summer should be fun, but breakups? Not fun

Published Time: 07.06.2024 - 05:31:05 Modified Time: 07.06.2024 - 05:31:05

Summer should be fun, but breakups? Not fun.

Tensions boiled over between Lindsay Hubbard andCarl Radkewhen they discussed calling off their engagement during the first part of the Summer House reunion on Thursday, June 6.

When Lindsay, 37, arrived to the New York City studio for the reunion, she chatted with Gabby Prescod about how she felt about sitting down with Carl, 39.

"I don't really like look at him with emotion,” the influencer said. “It's just a body in the room. I think he told a lot of lies. I think it's pretty obvious how much he was laying the groundwork and planting the seeds to villainize me." 

Meanwhile, Carl told a producer while getting ready that he’d been trying to “clean up my side of the street” in anticipation of the reunion.

“I mean, listen, this isn't all on her,” he said. “It's not all on me, I feel like we're both really responsible for a lot of this.” 

Once the exes joined the rest of the cast and host Andy Cohen, they reflected on the conversation that ended their relationship. Carl called that discussion a “microcosm of what some of the challenges we had in our relationship.”

“I walked into that apartment to get on the same page as my fiancée, where we had been fighting and in conflict,” Carl continued. “I wanted to try and talk to her. I had hoped that maybe it would go differently.” 

However, Lindsay claimed that when she asked Carl why cameras would be filming them that September day, he “popped off on me” and was “screaming at the top of his lungs.”

Carl refuted that. "You were in denial the entire summer," the Pittsburgh native said to Lindsay. "But you're happy now. You've been dating someone since January, you have the apartment, I paid half the rent for nine months. I've been courteous."

Lindsay hit back by asking, "You signed a lease. What else are you going to do?"

Carl claimed he spent $125,000 on wedding cancelation fees. Lindsay responded, "You took care of the cancelation fees that you canceled, so why are you ... do you want a pat on the back for that?"

"Maybe a high five," Carl said.

Then, Lindsay denied that she didn’t want castmate Kyle Cooke to be a groomsman in her wedding, hence why Carl offered him to a be a flower boy.

"I did not have anything to say about who Carl's groomsmen were,” Lindsay stated. “He didn't have anything to say about who my bridesmaids were. I had no opinion whatsoever."

Lindsay went on to explain that she and Carl decided to have an 18-person wedding party with nine groomsmen and nine bridesmaids.

“Carl has a lot of best friends for years and years and when all was said and done, all of his groomsmen were taken by dudes he’s known for a very long time,” she continued. “I then said, ‘OK well what about Kyle, Luke and Andrea? We need to do something with all of theSumm -

er Houseguys.’ It was my idea to do something with them because otherwise we weren't going to do anything.”

Kyle, 41, said he didn’t expect a “mission critical” role in Carl and Lindsay’s wedding despite having Carl officiate his September 2021 wedding to Amanda Batula. He explained, "I wasn't expecting much. I maybe expected, maybe, a groomsman title…"

Lindsay said she and Kyle’s friendship was in a “decent and fine” spot now, although he said he struggled with “the level of, like, honesty versus dishonesty” from her following her breakup with Carl. This included Lindsay supposedly calling the paparazzi on Carl when he moved out of their apartment.

“I don't have paparazzi information,” Lindsay alleged.

Kyle called out Lindsay for seemingly dissing Carl with an October Instagram caption on a photo from dinner with her female castmates that read, "Girls rule, boys drool."

“It was just like a silly caption,” Lindsay said. Kyle retorted, “Lindsay, just own it.”

Lindsay didn’t think she had anything to own. "Own what?” she responded. “I went to dinner with the girls.”

One of those girls, Paige DeSorbo, said she thought her and Lindsay “were really cool” during the summer —until she learned that Lindsay and one of the former publicist’s friends supposedly tried to “sabotage”a photoshoot she did last summer. Paige, 31, found out about this at BravoCon 2023 from Carl ahead of her birthday dinner.

"I was distraught,” Paige said. “Like, I couldn't even go to my birthday I was so upset."

Carl explained that he overheard a conversation between Lindsay and her friend who worked at the venue where Paige had been doing her photoshoot.

"I heard Lindsay and her friend on the phone and they were talking about, 'Wow, I can't believe she would want to do this at my place, doesn't she know Lindsay and I are friends?’” Carl said.

Lindsay claimed she “didn't say that.” She continued, “I'm sorry if Carl lied yet again."

Lindsay also claimed that she supported the idea of Carl returning to Loverboy when Kyle came to her about it over the summer.“I said, ‘Great, that’s amazing,’” she said. “Ciara was there. Gabby was there. And I said, ‘That's amazing. I hope you do because I would love for him to have a job.’"

Carl said that, when he initially decided to leave Loverboy, he came to that decision “on my own.” He added, “Lindsay was being a supportive partner.”

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The Summer House season 8 reunion continues on Thursday, June 13, at 9 p.m. ET on Bravo.

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