Mark Duplass to Adapt His Netflix Horror Movies Into a TV Series : ‘Creep’

“Creep” is creeping back

Published Time: 05.06.2024 - 01:31:34 Modified Time: 05.06.2024 - 01:31:34

“Creep” is creeping back.

Duplass Brothers Productions has completed filming “The Creep Tapes,” a TV series based on the Netflix films “Creep” (2014) and “Creep 2” (2017). The project was independently produced without a distributor attached; CAA is now handling world sales.

Per the official description, “the series is based on a collection of video tapes in the secret vault of the world’s deadliest and most socially uncomfortable serial killer, who hires his victims to film him for the day under false pretenses. Each episode exposes a new victim from one of the fabled ‘Creep Tapes.’”

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Mark Duplass co-wrote the original films along with Patrick Brice, who served as director. On “The Creep Tapes,” Duplass and Brice serve as co-creators with Brice directing all episodes. Chris Donlon serves as editor and executive producer, with Duplass, Jay Duplass and Mel Eslyn producing.

“The Creep Tapes” is one of several TV projects Duplass Br -

others Productions has independently financed and produced before seeking out a buyer. In response to the decline of Peak TV, the company has opted not to seek production funds from larger studios, instead making their own shows and working towards short-term domestic licensing deals that leave them in control of their IP.

“Test it on your service. If it’s successful, we can be rewarded with a longer license,” Duplass said in an interview with Variety. “If it isn’t, we didn’t make you risk too much. I can go sell in eight other territories around the world to get whole again financially.”

See a teaser for “The Creep Tapes” below.

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