Meet the Characters from the Hit Netflix Series: Bridgerton Family Tree

Warning Season 3 Bridgerton spoilers ahead! The Bridgerton family tree includes two parents, eight children and a sweeping love story for each sibling

Published Time: 19.05.2024 - 16:31:05 Modified Time: 19.05.2024 - 16:31:05

Warning: Season 3 Bridgerton spoilers ahead!

The Bridgerton family tree includes two parents, eight children and a sweeping love story for each sibling.

The Bridgerton series has been a Netflix hit since its premiere in 2020, even spawning a successful royal history-inspired spinoff, Queen Charlotte: A Bridgerton Story, in 2023. However, fans were first introduced to the Bridgerton family long before they hit the small screen.

The popular show is based on a series of romance novels by Julia Quinn, which depicts the love stories of the eight Bridgerton siblings growing up in the Regency Era. While the Bridgerton brood is large, the names of her characters are in alphabetical order: the oldest Bridgerton sibling has a name that starts with an “A,” Anthony, and the eighth and youngest sibling’s name begins with “H,” Hyacinth.

But while that’s a helpful mnemonic device, it’s not just keeping these high society siblings in order that viewers have to contend with while watching. There are also the matters of which characters are featured in each season of the series, recognizing the actors who play them and being aware of the siblings’ love interests.

The latest season of Bridgerton, which began streaming on May 16, 2024, follows the third sibling, Colin (played by Luke Newton), as he falls in love with neighbor Penelope Featherington (Nicola Coughlan).

"It was always my goal to focus on a different Bridgerton sibling every season and it's no secret there are eight Bridgerton siblings," series creator Chris Van Dusen told Entertainment Tonight in 2022. "We will be on as long as Netflix will have us, but I would love to focus on every single one of those eight Bridgerton siblings and tell romance stories for all of them."

So, to get ready for all the romance, scandal and drama that’s on the way, here’s a full rundown of the Bridgerton family.

The late patriarch of the family is Viscount Edmund Bridgerton. He shared eight children with his wife, Violet, though he never met his youngest, Hyacinth. The viscount died due to an allergic reaction from a bee sting, which was featured in Anthony Bridgerton and Kate Sharma's love story.

Portrayed by Rupert Evans, the viscount only appeared in season 2 of the series during flashback scenes.

The matriarch of the Bridgerton family is Lady Violet Bridgerton (Ruth Gemmell). The proud mother has been featured in every season of the series and also appeared in the 2023 spinoff show, Queen Charlotte, which showed the character as both an adult and a teen (played by Connie Jenkins-Greig).

Violet was married to the late Edmund, 9th Viscount Bridgerton, with whom she shares her eight children.

Violet and Edmund's oldest child is Anthony, who became the 9th Viscount Bridgerton upon his father’s death. He had to take on all of the responsibilities related to the title change, including helping find suitors for his siblings almost immediately after Edmund's death.

Anthony has been played by Jonathan Bailey since season 1.

The second season of the show, which premiered in 2022, was based on Quinn’s novel The Viscount Who Loved Me and focused on his courtship and eventual marriage to wife Kate (Simone Ashley).

The second oldest Bridgerton sibling is Benedict Bridgerton, played by Luke Tho -

mpson. Benedict’s interests include painting and partying, and in the second season, he gets accepted to an art school.

In Quinn's book series, Benedict is the main subject of the third novel — An Offer from a Gentleman — though it has yet to be announced when it will be adapted for the small screen.

Colin Bridgerton is Violet and Edmund's third child and third son. In season 1 of the Netflix series, he showed a romantic interest in Penelope's cousin Marina (Ruby Barker) before she got married to someone else.

Season 3 is based on Quinn’s fourth novel, Romancing Mister Bridgerton, and shows his friendship with Penelope blossom into a romance. At the end of part 1, Colin and Penelope seemingly get engaged.

The family's eldest daughter, Daphne Bridgerton (Phoebe Dynevor), was the focus of season 1, based on Quinn’s first Bridgerton book, The Duke and I. During the season's eight episodes, she fell in love with Simon Basset, the Duke of Hastings (Regé-Jean Page). Daphne and Simon also welcomed their son, August, at the end of the season.

In the second season, however, Daphne was not included in all of the episodes, and Simon was not featured at all. (Breakout star Page had decided to leave the show). Neither Daphne nor Simon appear in season 3.

Violet and Edmund's fifth child and second daughter, Eloise Bridgerton (Claudia Jessie), is the black sheep of the family: she isn’t interested in society's rules or events and dreads the idea of being married.

She would rather spend her time hanging out with her best friend Penelope and trying to figure out the identity of the mysterious gossip columnist Lady Whistledown. Despite her disinterest in the era-appropriate way to meet a husband, Eloise did develop an interest in a working-class man named Theo (Calam Lynch) in season 2.

Her book is Quinn’s fifth novel, To Sir Phillip, With Love.

The sixth Bridgerton child, Francesca Bridgerton, has only played a minor role in the Netflix series thus far — and has been portrayed by multiple actresses.

In season 1, Francesca was said to be away visiting an aunt. Then, in season 2, the actress who played the sixth Bridgerton sibling, Ruby Stokes, had to leave part of the way through filming due to a scheduling conflict with her starring role in the show Lockwood & Co.

Francesca is featured in season 3, played by a new actor, Hannah Dodd. She is also the subject of the sixth Bridgerton book, When He Was Wicked.

The youngest Bridgerton boy is Gregory Bridgerton, played by Will Tilston.

As one of the youngest members of the family, Gregory has mostly been shown in the background of scenes or playing with his younger sister, Hyacinth.

Quinn’s eighth and final Bridgerton novel, On the Way to the Wedding, focuses on Gregory.

Hyacinth, the youngest Bridgerton sibling, is portrayed by Florence Hunt. She is the only Bridgerton child who never met her father since Violet was pregnant with her when he died.

As with Gregory, Hyacinth has not been part of the main drama so far, but she has been shown teasing her older siblings. The series' seventh novel, It’s in His Kiss, focuses on Hyacinth's love story.

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