Prince Harry and Meghan Markle's Archewell Foundation Refutes 'Delinquent' Allegation, 'Remains in Good Standing'

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle's Archewell Foundation is addressing claims that it has been declared "delinquent

Published Time: 15.05.2024 - 02:31:15 Modified Time: 15.05.2024 - 02:31:15

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle's Archewell Foundation is addressing claims that it has been declared "delinquent."

In a statement shared with PEOPLE on Tuesday, May 14, a spokesperson for the foundation said, “We have diligently investigated the situation and can confirm that The Archewell Foundation remains fully compliant and in good standing. Due payments were made promptly and in accordance with the IRS’s processes and procedures. Furthermore, all necessary paperwork had been filed by the Foundation without error or wrongdoing."

The California Attorney General's Office confirmed in a statement to PEOPLE: “After being in touch with our Registry of Charities and Fundraisers, the organization is current and in good standing.”

On Tuesday, Prince Harry, 39, and Meghan, 42, were told to stop all soliciting and spending for The Archewell Foundation after the California Registry of Charities and Foundations declared it delinquent.

A source close to the charity told PEOPLE at the time that the organization had met the state's requirements when filing taxes, which were reported in December. Any payments owed were sent via tracked mail to the Attorney General's Office and received on time. Any claims suggesting otherwise are inaccurate.

A source said that although the paperwork was filed on time, the check it sent was never received -

. The organization wasn't aware until it was issued a delinquency notice from the Attorney General of California Rob Bonta on May 3.

The notice, obtained by PEOPLE, stated that The Archewell Foundation is "listed as delinquent with the Registry of Charities and Fundraisers for failing to submit required annual report(s) and/or renewal fees."

"An organization that is listed as delinquent is not in good standing and is prohibited from engaging in conduct for which registration is required, including soliciting or disbursing charitable funds," the letter outlines. "The organization may also be subject to penalties and its registration may be suspended or revoked by the Registry. Once you submit the delinquent record(s), you will be notified of the amount of any late fees that are owed."

The letter also lists The Archewell Foundation with a Beverly Hills address, about two hours from the Duke and Duchess of Sussex's home in Montecito, Calif.

Meghan and Prince Harry launched the foundation in 2020, the same year they stepped back from their royal roles.

"Our mission is simple: show up, do good. We meet the moment by showing up, taking action and using our unparalleled spotlight to uplift and unite communities — local and global — through acts of service and compassion," itswebsitesays.

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