‘Still in Disbelief': Pregnant Iskra Lawrence Claps Back at Trolls for 'Fat Shaming' Her

Iskra Lawrence is not here for the haters

Published Time: 06.06.2024 - 16:31:13 Modified Time: 06.06.2024 - 16:31:13

Iskra Lawrence is not here for the haters.

On Wednesday, June 5, the British model, 33 — who is expecting her second baby with her boyfriendPhilip Payne — had a message for those who have been body shaming her.

Sharing snaps of herself walking in Cupshe's runway show during Miami Swim Week, Lawrence revealed the negative words people had said about her body in the comments section.

“Imagine body shaming a stranger on the internet,” a caption across the first photo read. 

“That’s 6 months pregnant walking in Miami Swim week more proud of her body than ever after TTC,” she added as she also shared screenshots of some of the comments she'd received.

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The multiple comments included messages such as, “To call her model is a travesty to those who take care of themselves and look beautiful," and “This is not healthy. Sorry." "Another thing that shouldn't be normalized," added a third comment.

Lawrence then concluded the post with two screenshots of positive comments about her “glowing.”

“I found two kind comments out of hundreds,” the soon to be mother of two wrote.

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In her caption of the carousel, Lawrence added that she was couldn't believe people would use their time to body shame a woman while they're pregnant.

" -

I'm still in disbelief that in 2024 (and with everything going on in the world) that fat shaming a pregnant woman seemed like the best use of your time?" she wrote.

However, not being put down by the trolling, the star went on to say in the comments section of the post that she wants to post the video of her walk. “I felt so darn confident and proud doing it with my baby girl bumping 🥹🥹🥹,” she added.

Lawrence also shared the post on her Instagram Stories, telling the “haters” that their comments “only motivates me to show up and be more confident and prove all bodies are worthy and enough.”

She continued to say that she couldn’t wait to share the video of her walk, adding that she loved her Cupshe swimsuit.

Lawrence also shared her appreciation for her supporters who left encouraging comments under her post.

"the comment section of this post is like the worlds biggest group hug,” her caption read. “Thank you for showing up with love.”

She added, “Don’t worry no negative comments will ever break me or stop me from thriving I worked too hard with ED recovery and body dysmorphia to ever go back to feeling insecure because I know my self worth is only determined by me - and I hope you know that too.”

Lawrence and her partner are already proud parents to 4-year-old son Alpha. Back in April, she announced in an Instagram post that they would be growing their brood and were "finally going to be a family of 4."

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