Taylor Swift Briefly Pauses Concert to Aid Fan During Acoustic Set — Using Her Guitar to Point for Help

Taylor Swift was quick to step in when she seemingly noticed a fan in need during her latest gig

Published Time: 08.06.2024 - 19:31:10 Modified Time: 08.06.2024 - 19:31:10

Taylor Swift was quick to step in when she seemingly noticed a fan in need during her latest gig.

On Friday, June 7, Swift kicked off the U.K. leg of her Eras Tour in Edinburgh, Scotland when — during her acoustic set — she apparently spotted a concertgoer who needed "help."

While singing Midnights track "Would've Could've Should've" during the show, Swift paused after singing the song's bridge to let security know of an apparent fan in need.

"We need help right in front of me, please, right in front of me," Swift said as she continued strumming her guitar, per a fan-recorded clip shared to X (formerly Twitter).

"Gonna keep playing until we notice where it is. It's right there," she said, shifting her body so the neck of her guitar pointed out the spot in the crowd where help was needed. "I'm just gonna keep playing til' somebody helps them, then I'm gonna keep singing the song."

"I don't think anybody's gotten to them yet, and they're gonna. Because we're not gonna keep singing, we're just gonna keep talking about the people that need help in front of me."

Swift then asked the crowd to "let me know" when the audience members get help, before adding: "I can do this al -

l night."

"You're good?" she then asked, before continuing the track after confirmation from someone in the crowd.

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Swift has paused shows before to help fans in need — including in November 2023 when she spotted concert-goers who needed water in Brazil.

Elsewhere during her June 7 show, Swift spotted a proposal in the crowd and congratulated the happy couple at Murrayfield Stadium — noting that she was happy to perform "this entire show in the sunlight" because she got to see those kind of moments.

“You have no idea, I never get to see that, right? Because it’s, like, dark usually at night,” she said. “But it’s not right now so congratulations. Wow, I just saw that whole thing! Uh, man, that’s amazing. Thanks for doing that at my concert, that’s a big moment — huge!”

Swift has two more shows at the venue before making her way to Liverpool in England and Cardiff in Wales, and eventually heading to London for three shows on June 21, 22 and 23. She'll be back at the capital in August for five additional dates.

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