The 13 Best Outdoor Blankets for Beaches and Backyards

Our favorites are weather-resistant, durable, and conveniently portable There are endless occasions when you'll be glad to have a weather-ready blanket, including beach days, picnics, outdoor movie nights, and fire pit gatherings

Published Time: 03.06.2024 - 12:31:09 Modified Time: 03.06.2024 - 12:31:09

Our favorites are weather-resistant, durable, and conveniently portable

There are endless occasions when you'll be glad to have a weather-ready blanket, including beach days, picnics, outdoor movie nights, and fire pit gatherings. Options abound, but if you ask us, the best ones stand out for water resistance, warmth, portability, versatility, and easy care.

Our top picks include PEOPLE editor favorites, along with others we chose based on research, buyer ratings, and reviews. Some are waterproof and sand-approved with anchors to keep them in place. Others roll or fold compactly and come with their own carrying cases or shoulder straps.

Keep reading for the best outdoor blankets from brands like Amazon, Yeti, Rumpl, L.L.Bean, and more.

If we could only pick one, we'd probably go with the Yeti Lowlands Blanket. This all-terrain mat has padded insulation on the inside and a waterproof barrier that keeps moisture from seeping through when placed on wet ground.

It's super easy to care for, thanks to the repellent exterior that shakes off pet hair, sand, and dirt with minimal effort. You can throw it in the washing machine and tumble-try as needed. We also appreciate that this blanket folds up compactly to fit inside the included carrying bag.

Size: 78 x 55 inches | Colors: 9 | Machine-Washable: Yes

We've tried this affordable blanket firsthand and are impressed by how well it's held up through multiple years of use. The waterproof underside keeps you dry, even on damp ground, while dirt and leaves shake off with ease. It rolls up to be toted around with the included carrying strap, and you can toss it in your washer when it needs a deeper clean.

"I've used this picnic blanket for about two years here in New York, and it's the perfect companion for a Central Park day." — Madison Yauger, PEOPLE shopping editor

Sizes: 60 x 60 inches, 80 x 60 inches, 80 x 80 inches | Colors: 7 | Machine-Washable: Yes

Need something for picnics? This waterproof blanket is just the thing. From personal experience, we can tell you the durable design will last at least a couple of years with regular use. Not only that, but the vinyl-like coating repels water, crumbs, sand, and dirt. And while it's large enough for a few adults to sit on, it folds compactly for easy carrying in a tote bag.

"It's stood up to numerous picnics and park hangs, along with more dirty paw prints, wine spills, and afternoon naps than you can imagine." — Erika Reals, PEOPLE senior shopping editor

Size: 80 x 60 inches, 80 x 80 inches | Colors: 2 | Machine-Washable: Yes

You'll be glad to have this blanket on hand for your next beach day. The sandproof, water-resistant design stands up to the oceanside elements, plus it's machine-washable and air-dries fast. We've used this blanket ourselves and like that you can fill the corners with sand to ensure it stays in place in windy conditions.

"It's super lightweight and compact, so I still have plenty of room in my bag for more fun things, like outdoor games and a good sunscreen." — Erin Johnson, PEOPLE associate editorial director

Size: 120 x 108 inches | Colors: 5 | Machine-Washable: Yes

Rumpl's Original Puffy Blanket might be your best bet for camping trips. The sleeping bag-like shell has a DWR (durable water-repellent) finish to keep moisture out, while the quilted insulation provides warmth when you need it. We like that it has a "cape clip," allowing you to wear it with your hands free. This outdoor blanket also comes with a stuff sack for easy packing.

Sizes: 28 x 40 inches, 52 x 75 inches, 84 x 80 inches | Colors: 52 | Machine-Washable: Yes

If you're partial to wool, the Pendleton Roll-Up Blanket is a stellar choice. The top is naturally insulating, antimicrobial wool, meaning the material stays warm while repelling odor-causing bacteria. On the back is water-resistant nylon that wipes clean and prevents moisture from getting through. This outdoor throw is also portable, thanks to the roll-up design and attached carrying handle.

Size: 60 x 70 inches | Colors: 5 | Machine-Washable: No, dry clean only

We've tried Buffy's Puffer Blanket in a real-life setting and highly recommend it for both indoor and outdoor use. The machine-washable, dryer-friendly design has a recycled polyester and Tencel lyocell shell, and the fluffy fill is recycled poly fibers. We're big fans of the neutral colors as well. After two years of regular use, the Earth hue still looks as good as new.

Size: 70 x 50 inches | Colors: 5 | Machine-Washable: Yes

This blanket has a plush fleece surface and a DWR finish underneath, ensuring soft, cozy comfort while preventing moisture damage or a damp feel when sitting down. It's made primarily from recycled water bottles and is Oeko-Tex certified to assure chemical safety. We also like that you can machine-wash it and toss it in the dryer.


Size: 72 x 58 inches | Color: 1 | Machine-Washable: Yes

Looking for something you can wrap around your shoulders when spending time outside? L.L.Bean's Puffer Blanket might be the one. This outdoor throw has handy snaps that allow you to wear it as a cape, and you can bet the light, fluffy design won't weigh you down. It's also machine-washable, with corner loops so you can hang it to dry.

Size: 75 x 54 inches | Colors: 8 | Machine-Washable: Yes

This editor-approved blanket stands out for its versatility. The lightweight, portable design is the ideal option to take to the beach, park, music festivals, camping, hiking, you name it. We like that it has corner pockets that can be filled with sand, plus metal stakes to anchor it to the ground. What's more, it'll hold up through multiple years of use.

Size: 84 x 84 inches, 108 x 84 inches, 108 x 120 inches | Colors: 8 | Machine-Washable: Yes

Made for outdoor use in any weather condition, this blanket is not only completely waterproof but also windproof. The durable oxford backing repels moisture and prevents all water from seeping through to the fleece surface. We also like that the extra-large design is plenty big for multiple adults to lay down and spread out or an entire family, plus a dog, to sit on.

Size: 79 x 59 inches | Colors: 7 | Machine-Washable: Yes

We're also big fans of this quilted number. The three-layer design has a soft brushed fabric on top, followed by microfiber padding and a waterproof oxford backing. But it's still plenty lightweight and not too thick or bulky, rolling easily into a compact size and securing with Velcro to be carried with the included shoulder strap.

Size: 80 x 60 inches | Colors: 9 | Machine-Washable: Yes

Available in 10 cute colors and prints, this outdoor blanket from Little Unicorn appeals to little ones. It's durable, water-resistant, and lightly padded to provide comfy plushness. It folds up to be carried over one shoulder or with the grab handle. Most kids should be able to carry the smallest size, but you can also toss it in a bag if needed.

Sizes: 60 x 60 inches, 60 x 84 inches, 60 x 120 inches | Colors: 10 | Machine-Washable: Yes

Outdoor blankets are often made at least partially from a synthetic material, like recycled polyester or nylon. Some are made of just one textile, while others will have a softer, more insulating fabric on top, such as wool or fleece. In any case, the bottom should be durable enough to be placed on the ground without ripping or puncturing.

Some outdoor blankets are 100 percent waterproof. Others may have a DWR (durable water-repellent) finish only on one side, and some are water-resistant but not entirely waterproof. Many of the options we found are also windproof, insulated, and suitable for super-cold, rainy, or snowy conditions.

Blankets designed for outdoor use often repel dirt, sand, muck, and moisture, allowing you to shake off most debris after each use. Ideally, they'll also be machine-washable and dryer-friendly for deeper cleans. With the exception of the Pendleton Roll-Up Blanket, which is dry clean only, all of our outdoor blanket picks can be tossed in the washer.

You'll also want to consider portability. Many outdoor blankets are meant to be folded or rolled up compactly. They're often lightweight, compressible, and come with carrying straps or a stuff sack for easy transport.

Theresa Holland is a contributing commerce writer and product reviewer specializing in lifestyle, recreation, travel, and textiles. In the outdoor realm, she has covered everything from Adirondack chairs to four-person tents. For this story, she researched the best outdoor blankets on the market and narrowed it down to top-rated options that stood out for functionality, durability, weather resistance, portability, and overall value. She also included blankets loved by PEOPLE editors Kayla Kitts and Madison Yauger, senior editor Erika Reals, and associate editorial director Erin Johnson. From New York City's Central Park to the sandy beaches of Hawai’i, our editors trust these blankets for all their outdoor adventures.

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