The 7 Best Electric Scrubbers of 2024, Tested and Reviewed

Our winner was the handy BLACK+DECKER Grimebuster Pro No one enjoys cleaning the bathroom, but when you invest in an electric scrubber, you can make the chore much quicker and easier

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Our winner was the handy BLACK+DECKER Grimebuster Pro

No one enjoys cleaning the bathroom, but when you invest in an electric scrubber, you can make the chore much quicker and easier. These handy tools feature a spinning scrub brush that provides all the elbow grease for you, scrubbing away dirt and grime with minimal effort — it’s no wonder they’ve become a viral sensation on TikTok!

Thanks to their recent boom in popularity, there are lots of scrubbers out there to choose from, so to help you find the most effective scrub brush for your cleaning routine, the PEOPLE team tried out 15 highly rated models, evaluating them on their cleaning performance, ease of use, durability, and more. 

After thorough testing, these are the best electric scrubbers you can buy today.

The Black+Decker Grimebuster Pro was the most impressive electric scrubber we tested, offering powerful cleaning performance in a lightweight, easy-to-hold form. This scrubbing brush comes with two attachments — a classic bristle brush and a multi-purpose sponge — and it’s easy to pop the tools off and swap them as needed. We also loved that this scrubber is lightweight with an ergonomic grip, so it won’t tire out your arm during long cleaning sessions or if you’re cleaning overhead. 

While it only has one speed setting, the Grimebuster Pro had no problem getting dirt and debris off tile and grout in our testing. It lifted stains easily, and it was much faster and more efficient than scrubbing by hand. (You do need to hold it firmly to keep it from jerking around, though.)

Plus, the bristles didn’t get bent out of shape when we applied extra pressure to the brush, so you can put it to work against tough grime. We did notice that the brush bristles can get stained, but the heads are dishwasher-safe for easy maintenance and the brand sells inexpensive replacements that you can swap in as needed. 

This electric scrubber comes with a convenient docking station, unlike most models that simply plug into the wall to charge, making it easier to store and charge. It’s reasonably priced, and overall, it’s a versatile and easy-to-use electric scrubber that will make cleaning your home much easier. 

Dimensions: 13 x 8 x 5 inches | Weight: 16 ounces | Battery life: Not listed | Attachments: Bristle brush and multipurpose sponge

For a small, inexpensive scrub brush, the Black+Decker Power Scrubber Brush is a top choice. Unlike most rechargeable scrubbers, this model runs on AA batteries, and it has a lightweight form with a comfortable, rubberized grip. The brush comes with two scrub pads that did a great job cleaning tile surfaces and removing the residue without splattering. The brand also sells a compatible scrub brush head separately. 

During testing, we loved that this brush is lightweight, making it easy to wield for longer periods of time. The scrub pads rinse clean with minimal effort, but we did notice that they wear down quickly, so you’ll likely want to keep a few backup pads on hand to swap in. Still, this scrubber is a great choice if you’re looking for something small and inexpensive. 

Dimensions: 6.3 x 9.4 x 3 inches | Weight: 12.8 ounces | Battery life: Not listed | Attachments: 2 scrub pads

If you’re looking for a small brush to clean grout lines or do other detail work, the Rubbermaid Reveal Power Scrubber is well-suited for the task. This brush comes in an 18-piece kit and includes four swappable heads, including a Velro head that holds the included microfiber and scrubbing pads. It is much smaller than other scrub brushes we tested, so it’s not the best choice for cleaning large areas, but we found that it was great for getting into tight nooks and crannies, especially with the grout brush head attached. 

This scrubbing brush is lightweight and easy to hold, and its heads twist on and off, locking into place. The design is straightforward and easy to use, and it’s powered by AA batteries, so you don’t have to worry about charging it between uses. 

Dimensions: 2.5 x 8.13 x 11.63 inches | Weight: 15.2 ounces | Battery life: Not listed | Attachments: XL head, large head, soft bristle brush, grout brush, velcro head

The HattyRoom Electric Spin Scrubber is a convenient cordless model that delivers up to 90 minutes of cleaning time per charge. It has an adjustable handle that extends up to 38 inches, and we loved that you’re able to adjust the angle of the brush head to more easily clean hard-to-reach areas. The scrubber comes with five different attachments that can easily be popped on and off, and our favorite was the large flat brush, which made quick work of dirty tiles and grout. 

This scrubber has just one power level, and it was more than sufficient for removing everyday dirt. (Though it might not be powerful enough for really tough stains.) We also liked that the brush’s charging port is conveniently located and has a rubber cap that prevents water and dirt from getting inside. The one downside of this brush is that the handle isn’t quite long enough to reach the floor if you’re standing up straight, which meant we had to bend over while cleaning, causing a bit of back strain.

Dimensions: 16.93 x 7.28 x 3.19 inches | Weight: 2.7 pounds | Battery life: 90 minutes | Attachments: Large flat brush, small flat brush, pointed brush, sponge, cloth

For tougher cleaning jobs, you’ll want a brush like the Tasvac Spin Scrubber, which we found to be particularly durable during testing. This brush was able to maintain its scrubbing speed even when we applied quite a bit of pressure to the brush head, and its bristles maintained their shape after intense cleaning. The downside, however, is that the brush is heavier than others, and operation generally required two hands — otherwise the brush was difficult to control. 

Still, if you’re looking for a heavy-duty spin brush, the Tasvac is a top choice. It comes with five standard attachments, and you can adjust both the length of the handle and the angle of its head. The brush runs for up to 90 minutes per charge, and the attachments were quick and easy to clean: We simply rinsed them off, and they looked as good as new. 

Dimensions: 16.9 x 6.3 x 5.9 inches | Weight: 3.3 pounds | Battery life: 90 minutes | Attachments: Flat brush, pointed brush, dome brush, sp -

onge, cloth

Most scrubbers only include stiff-bristled brush heads, but if you want a gentler brush, the Klever Scrubber comes with a total of eight attachments, including four soft-bristled brushes. They’re less likely to scratch delicate surfaces, yet they’ll still deliver powerful scrubbing action to remove dirt, grime, and grease. In testing, we found that it’s easy to remove and replace the brush heads, and we like that they lock into place, keeping them secure as you clean.

This handheld electric scrubber has a thick handle that’s comfortable to hold thanks to its grippy surface, and while it only has one power level, it did a good job during all our cleaning tests. We loved the lightweight of the scrubber and the versatility of all the included brush heads, but we did notice that the cap to the charging port cap is small and easy to misplace. 

Dimensions: 8 x 2 x 4 inches | Weight: 1 pound | Battery life: 90 minutes | Attachments: Hard- and soft-bristle flat, domed, and pointed brushes

If you’re looking for a scrubber with all the bells and whistles, the Losuy Electric Spin Scrubber has two power levels, an adjustable-length handle, and seven brush attachments. It’s a bit pricey compared to other models, but it’s worth the added expense if you want to be able to clean virtually any area of your home. This scrubber’s handle is quick and easy to adjust, and we found that it’s lightweight enough to clean overhead without causing arm fatigue. 

This scrubber has two power levels to choose from, and they were both effective for cleaning up dirt and grime — without causing the brush to jerk around. It was easy to swap out the different brush heads, and the bristles rinsed clean with a bit of soap and water. Our only complaint is you can’t adjust the angle of the scrub head, which can make it tricky to clean in some hard-to-reach areas. 

Dimensions: 4 x 4 x 54 inches | Weight: 2.2 pounds | Battery life: 90 minutes | Attachments: Large flat brush, small flat brush, pointed brush, sponge, rough cloth, polishing cloth, wool cloth, felt disc

There are two main styles of electric scrubbers: Compact handheld versions, and larger length-adjustable options. “If you're short on storage space or need to clean different areas around your home, a compact and lightweight scrubber that's easy to move around is a perfect fit,” says Shields. For instance, the Black+Decker Grimebuster Pro weighs less than a pound and has a compact design that you can easily tuck underneath your sink.

On the other hand, there are larger scrubbers like the Losuy Electric Spin Scrubber, which have longer handles. They’re more cumbersome to store, but these brushes allow you to clean the floor and walls without bending or crouching, making them a good choice for those with limited mobility.

The majority of electric scrubbers are battery-powered, which means you don’t have to worry about finding an outlet nearby when you want to use them. However, it also means they have limited battery life. 

“You want longer battery life, so you don’t have to constantly plug and unplug the thing!” says Shields. “If you're planning on using the scrubber for a big cleaning session or in an area without easy access to power outlets, a long-lasting battery is a must.”

Scrubbers like the HattyRoom Electric Spin Scrubber can run for up to 90 minutes per charge, and there are also smaller models like the Black+Decker Power Scrubber Brush that run on AA batteries, so you can simply swap in new ones if it runs out of power.

Most electric scrubbers have a bristle brush as their main attachment, but many include other cleaning tools, as well. “If you want to get your money’s worth, get a scrubber with different attachments,” recommends Shields. Other tools you may want to look for include a pointed brush for cleaning in corners, a sponge for washing delicate surfaces, or a microfiber cloth for mopping. Products like the Losuy Electric Spin Scrubber come with all these attachments (and more), making them versatile to use around the house.

We started our testing process by researching the most popular electric scrubbers on the market today. We did find that many of the scrubbers available on sites like Amazon are the same product rebranded, so keep this in mind as you shop — if they look similar in the product photos, chances are they’re the same product. 

We narrowed down our selection to 15 electric scrubbers, which we then put through a series of tests: 

After our testing was complete, we took all our findings into account as we rated each product on its ease of use, performance, maneuverability, durability, ease of cleaning, and overall value. The devices with the highest scores made this list: Our top-performing model was the Black+Decker Grimebuster Pro, which earned a score of 4.83 out of 5.

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