‘The Kids Run the Show’: John Krasinski Reveals His Daughters Handle Mother’s Day for His Wife Emily Blunt

John Krasinski has some special helpers throwing the best Mother’s Day celebrations for Emily Blunt

Published Time: 11.05.2024 - 23:31:09 Modified Time: 11.05.2024 - 23:31:09

John Krasinski has some special helpers throwing the best Mother’s Day celebrations for Emily Blunt.

During an appearance on The Tonight Show, Krasinski, 44, opened up about how his daughters Hazel and Violet, play a big role in deciding their family’s Mother’s Day plans.

After host Jimmy Fallon wishes The Office alum a “Happy early Mother's Day” and asked how he celebrates his Oscar-nominated wife, 41, the actor shared that his kids — who are 10 and 7 years old — “run the show.”

“It's a lot of, like, ‘Dad, we got this.‘ We rolled past the pharmacy, we got her a mug and some BIC pens” he jokingly said to laughs from the audience. “They got it covered.”

“And you're like, ‘Wow, she's gonna love that,’ ” he added. “Sure enough, she does.”

He also spoke about how he celebrated Mother’s Day growing up.

"If you did remember, it was a homemade card," he said. "Always. Go straight to the heart. But a lot of times I didn't, so I would just run to the art room and whatever had just come out of the kiln — like if I had made a dragon, I was like, 'You can still write 'Mom' on this.’ ”

The If director also shared one of his most emotional memories with his dad — finding all the gifts he had kept from his children over the years deep in a drawer.

> "I remember I had a very emotional reaction one time," Krasinski said, mimicking how he almost teared up in the moment. "I remember I was looking for a tie or something in my dad's drawer and I opened it up and it was all the gifts we had ever given them. And I was like 'Oh my god.’ ”

Back in July 2023, during an episode of theTable For Twopodcast, Bluntalso revealed that she planned totake a temporary break from acting to focus on her raising her kids.

“It’s one of those things when people are like, ‘How do you balance it?’ I never feel like I’m doing it right, you know,‘ ” the Mary Poppins Returns actress said at the time, discussing how it can be difficult to juggle a career and parenting.

“But this year I’m not working,” she continued. “I worked quite a bit last year and my oldest baby is 9, so we’re in the last year of single digits. And I just feel there are cornerstones to their day that are so important when they’re little."

“And it’s, ‘Will you wake me up? Will you take me to school? Will you pick me up? Will you put me to bed?’ And I just need to be there for all of them for a good stretch," Blunt concluded. "I just felt that in my bones."

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