These Comfy $25 Sandals Look Just Like the $760 Designer Pair I’ve Had on My Wish List Forever 

My mom has stressed the importance of quality over quantity my entire life

Published Time: 05.06.2024 - 12:31:18 Modified Time: 05.06.2024 - 12:31:18

My mom has stressed the importance of quality over quantity my entire life. And while she isn’t a spendthrift, she does understand (and preach!) the value of investing in timeless pieces that will last forever, like a luxury handbag that never goes out of style or a designer belt that can easily elevate any outfit.

With that philosophy in mind, she’s been eyeing the Hermès Oran sandals for nearly a year now. However, when I sent her a photo of my brand-new Target slides that cost a fraction of the price (97 percent less, to be exact) she quickly abandoned her designer dreams for my $25 lookalike pair instead.

I’ve worn the Target sandals, which look so much more expensive than their under-$30 price tag, on repeat since they arrived in the mail just one week ago. The faux leather looks and feels like the real thing and hasn’t so much as scuffed on the New York City sidewalks. The slip-on design makes them easy to throw on as I’m headed out the door for errands or running to brunch with friends, while the comfy cushioning and textured outsoles for extra gripping make them an equally functional choice.

The neutral color makes them -

a versatile choice that’s  easy to style no matter the overall outfit vibe. I’ve worn them with sweats to run to the bodega and paired them with a sundress for my friend’s party. 

I’m such a fan that I even gifted the slides to my best friend for her birthday. While I prefaced to her that they were my favorite new find from Target, when another partygoer spotted them, she enthusiastically asked if they were Hermès — and was only that much more impressed when I spilled the actual price.

Shoppers are also obsessed with the Target slides. One person raved that the sandals are even “cuter than most higher-priced” styles, while another said “the colors and details” elevate the style and make it “easy to dress up” and down. Others called them “comfortable” and the “best summer sandals.” 

If you, too, have been eyeing the Hermès Oran slides or are just looking for a cute, affordable alternative, head to Target’s site to grab the Helena sandals for just $25 before they sell out. Or, keep scrolling for more comfy summer styles.

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