‘Wanted to Protect’: Jennie Garth Says Daughter Luca Didn’t Initially Approve of Mom’s Marriage to Dave Abrams

Jennie Garth’s oldest daughter Luca initially didn’t like the idea of her mom marrying Dave Abrams

Published Time: 04.06.2024 - 21:31:18 Modified Time: 04.06.2024 - 21:31:18

Jennie Garth’s oldest daughter Luca initially didn’t like the idea of her mom marrying Dave Abrams.

On the Thursday, May 30, episode of Bethenny Frankel’s Just B podcast, the mother-daughter duo recall the exact moment when Luca, 26, found out the 90210 actress, 52, would be marrying her now husband, 42.

“They showed up at my school and were like, ‘Hey, we’re getting married,’ while I was eating my little sushi bowl that you brought me,” Luca remembers.

“I was like, ‘I do not approve.’ But, you still went ahead with it. It was a really beautiful wedding, and I think you had way more perspective on everything than me at 17.”

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Garth, who shares daughters Luca, Lola, 21, and Fiona, 17 with ex Peter Facinelli, explains that her daughter’s initial rejection came from a place of love — attempting to protect her mom from getting hurt. 

“She just wanted to protect her mommy,” the actress says. “You always do. You girls are so fiercely protective of me it’s crazy, like, I wouldn’t want to be a dude walking in here trying to date or marry me!”

Although Luca wasn’t fond of the idea of her mom dating post-divorce, she did make a rule that allowed her and her sisters to reap the benefits.  < -


“Do you remember my one rule when you were dating a little bit? I was like, ‘They can come but they have to bring us gifts to the house,’ ” Luca jokes. 

“Like, I wanted them to be like old-fashioned suitors and bring, like, a fruit plate or a little snack or something. I needed you to have suitors, like, from the 19th century.”

Garth and Abrams tied the knot in 2015, and on the Wednesday, May 8, episode of her podcast I Choose Me with Jennie Garth, the couple explained why Abrams didn't immediately move in after they got married.

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"No, we waited," Abrams said about moving in. "When the kids were home, I slept in the guest room."

"It feels like it was, literally like warp speed. I went from that to stepdad," he recalled.

Noting that the two could discuss the topic further in another episode, Garth said, "But I think because we did fast-track everything, there was a lot of learning and growing on both our parts, but mostly your part."

"I mean in like, having a family and having all these responsibilities put upon you and having to model for the kids a certain behavior," she continued. "And just you and I getting on the same page about parenting."

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