What You're Like as a Friend, Based on Your Zodiac Sign! It's National Best Friends Day

Astrology can tell you a lot about yourself — from your personality, emotional life, love life and parenting style — so it only makes sense that astrology can also give insight into who you are as a friend

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Astrology can tell you a lot about yourself — from your personality, emotional life, love life and parenting style — so it only makes sense that astrology can also give insight into who you are as a friend.

"Each zodiac sign has its way of showing how they care and who they want to surround themselves with," says astrologist Lisa Stardust.

"Knowing how to connect with each sign as a friend will help you evolve and understand your relationships better. It will also give you a sense of what energy you want around you when you are in a specific mood."

In commemoration of National Best Friend Day on June 8, find out what you're like as a friend, according to your zodiac sign.

Bold, fiery, ambitious, and spontaneous Aries are not afraid of the unknown, so it only makes sense that they bring that same zeal to their friendships. The ram is highly passionate and will inspire their besties to reach new heights professionally and personally.

"They are the motivators of the zodiac and will ensure that their friends reach their highest potential," says Stardust. Call these Fire signs up if you need someone to coach you through a tough situation.

On their worst days, Tauruses can be stubborn and overly strong-willed. However, the same steadfastness that makes them immovable in their opinions and beliefs also makes them friends who are "trustworthy and will never leave your side," according to Stardust.

Dedicated to keeping traditions and stable environments, expect these Earth signs to remember your friendship anniversaries, kids' birthdays and other important dates in your life. Their penchant for high-quality and long-lasting materials also makes them expert gift-givers — which can never hurt.

Where Taurus might be the friend who is a little reserved, chatty Geminis are happy to help you parse through any relationship, work or family drama.

"Your Gemini BFF is someone who gives you another perspective on every matter and urges you to open your mind to see a different perspective," Stardust says. "They’ll add excitement and laughter to your life."

Known for their nurturing nature, emotional intelligence and sensitivity it's no surprise Cancers are some of the best listeners in the zodiac. Highly intuitive, expect these Water signs to pick up on any emotional distress you may be trying to hide.

"They are incredibly compassionate and sympathetic to the needs of those they care about," says Stardust, which means they can sense trouble from a mile away.

"The Leo bestie is going to be someone who loves the limelight," Stardust explains. "Therefore, you will have to support them from the sideline, and in return, they'll do the same for you when it's your time to shine."

Though their penchant for being the center of attention can come off as a little self-centered, much like the lion, Leo's are very loyal, overprotective and the quintessential harbinger of strength and power. Their aura naturally attracts other people, so rest assured, you can meet people from various walks of life and experience new adventures hanging with a Leo.

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ical, meticulous and forward-thinking, these Earth signs are great for creating balance and making even the most challenging problems more manageable.

"Virgo is a reliable friend who has a lot of patience," Stardust explains. "Just don’t push them to their limit by dumping your problems on them 24/7. They will see you through every matter and make sure that you are thriving."

Known for being charming and even-tempered, Libras are the friends you call when you just want good vibes.

These Air signs are also known to be diplomatic peace-makers, so should a conflict arise, don't worry, they'll see to it that it's resolved and you've both gotten your points across. In friend groups, these signs are "mediators who help everyone remedy conflicts and find peace with each other," says Stardust.

Like their fellow Water signs, Scorpios are highly intuitive, which means they can pick up on emotional strife before you even voice it. "Your Scorpio bestie is someone who has an intuitive approach to relationships," explains Stardust.

"Their lack ofcommunication at times doesn't mean they don’t care, it just means that they understand you from a deeper level and without words." These fixed signs are also famous for being overprotective and stubborn, so you might want to think twice before divulging details about people who may have wronged you. Still, they make for dynamic friends as they're also creative, enigmatic and passionate.

Adventurous, spontaneous and energetic, there'll never be a dull moment when dealing with a Sagittarius.

"If you're looking for a wild time, call upon your Sagittarius friend," Stardust says. "They'll bring you out of your shell, add lots of positive energy, urge you to act out of your comfort zone and ignite your adventurous side."

One of the most revered Capricorn characteristics is their honesty. And who couldn't use an honest friend? Like their fellow Earth signs, Capricorns are also grounded and practical. They like to cross their T's and dot their I's before they spring into a situation, which often means lengthy conversations and careful weighing of pros and cons.

That being said, they're also kind, well-meaning and "can seem a little rough around the edges because they want to protect those they care about," Stardust says.

The humanitarian of the zodiac, an Aquarius friend will want to make sure you feel seen and heard and that might entail engaging in some healthy debates often.

"Expect them to have friendly debates with you on topics that you don't agree upon," says Stardust. "Don’t worry, though, that's just their love language."

Trust dreamy Pisces to bring a little romance into your life. And while these Water signs love their alone time, they also revel in spending some one-on-one, quality time with their loved ones.

"The Pisces friend is altruistic and always there to listen. They’ll offer you a shoulder to cry on and support you whenever you’re in doubt and they expect the same in return."

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