Which Sex and the City Character You Are, Based on Your Zodiac Sign

Even since Sex and the City premiered in 1998, the age-old question between fans has been Are you a Carrie, Samantha, Charlotte or Miranda? The hit series, which recently became available to stream on Netflix, follows the careers and love lives of four best friends as they navigate adulthood in N

Published Time: 01.04.2024 - 16:31:09 Modified Time: 01.04.2024 - 16:31:09

Even since Sex and the City premiered in 1998, the age-old question between fans has been: Are you a Carrie, Samantha, Charlotte or Miranda?

The hit series, which recently became available to stream on Netflix, follows the careers and love lives of four best friends as they navigate adulthood in N.Y.C. With the women's contrasting opinions on dating and relationships, audiences often found themselves identifying more strongly with one versus another of the characters, and declaring themselves "a Charlotte" or "a Carrie."

And with the popularity of And Just Like That..., which follows Carrie, Charlotte and Miranda as they navigate their 50s, the conversation has only continued.

Those looking to identify even further with the characters might be interested to know their zodiac signs: According to the show, Carrie is a Libra, Charlotte is an Aquarius, Miranda is a Leo and Samantha is a Taurus.

PEOPLE spoke with astrologer and bestselling author Lisa Stardust, who uses she/they pronouns, for their official readings. As they point out, “You can use the Sex and the City character’s signs to determine if you are a Charlotte Sun, Carrie Rising, or Samantha Moon, with a hint of Miranda in your outer planets.”

Ready to see whether you’re truly a Carrie, Samantha, Charlotte or Miranda? Read ahead for Stardust’s readings. 

Born on Oct. 10, 1966, Carrie is a Libra through and through, as Stardust points out the sign is “known for its focus on connecting with others and finding balance in relationships.” Stardust notes that this is the reason why Carrie often tried to “find a middle ground and compromise with her partners (especially Big), sometimes to a fault.” They add that Carrie’s “need for equilibrium explains why she was hesitant to be with Aiden, who was too eager to please her.”

Stardust notes that Carrie’s “natural curiosity” (which often "leads her to ask more profound questions in life”) aligns with Geminis who “often overthink situations, partnerships, and friendships.” They add that Carrie’s social butterfly personality, including how she’s “always eager to mingle with new people and take fashion risks,” is a signature trait of “a trendsetter like Gemini.” 

The third zodiac sign Carrie aligns with most is Virgo, a sign which Stardust says has “a natural inclination towards analytical thinking, making them excellent writers.” They note that Virgos often “see the truth in any situation, which often leads to sparks of inspiration and a deep understanding of how to navigate various relationships and encounters,” much like Carrie and her column. Stardust posits that Carrie might be a Virgo Sun or have “a cluster of planets in Virgo” in her astrological birth chart, given her “earthy energy and unique aesthetic — as well as her desire for the finer things in life, funny personality, and capacity to forgive.” 

Charlotte herself is an Aquarius, born on Jan. 23, 1967. Stardust notes that Charlotte’s style and refined taste “showcase some air sign qualities,” including how she seamlessly blends “the old with the new." Like an Aquarius, Charlotte is progressive in how she raises her children but is still in touch with her sensitive side, with Stardust noting that she is “passionate about her beliefs” and “stands true to her convictions.” 

Stardust adds that Charlotte’s outlook on love and “her relentless search for her Prince Charming” relates to the Pisces zodiac sign. “As a tender water sign, Pisces always sees the best in people and yearn -

s for a romantic affair that rivals the legendary Elizabeth Taylor and Richard Burton,” Stardust quips. And this goes far beyond her love life! Stardust adds that Charlotte’s “compassionate spirit” and how she cares for her loved ones are completely in line with Pisces.

On the flip side, Stardust notes that Charlotte’s determined personality closely aligns with the fire sign, Aries. “Charlotte’s low-key drive to succeed and win at all costs is a characteristic of an Aries,” Stardust says, adding, “Though she doesn't often show her competitive side in friendships, she possesses a strong, fiery power.” 

With her birthday falling on July 17, 1966, Miranda is a Leo. Just like a lion, Miranda is incredibly loyal and is a fierce protector of her son, which Stardust says is “a trait common among Leo parents.” When it comes to her romantic relationship, Stardust adds that Miranda portrays “Leo's generous heart and soul” as she is often shown being “fully committed to her relationships.” 

Stardust notes that Miranda’s birthday indicates she could also be a Cancer Sun. They add that “the water sign is known for having a tough exterior and taking time to open up to others,” much like how Miranda puts up walls when she meets new people. When it comes to motherhood specifically, Stardusts says that Miranda “possesses the inherent trait of being a devoted parent towards her son,” much like a Cancer. 

Being so work-focused, Stardust adds that Miranda is a “quintessential Capricorn.” Her career aspirations aside, she also cherishes time with her family and friends, much like the earth sign. Stardust adds that “although Capricorns tend to overwork, they also know that a work-life balance is essential,” which we see Miranda do throughout the series and films.

Born on April 28, 1958, Samantha is a Taurus, which Stardust says are “hedonistic and indulgent by nature” and “believe that life should be pleasurable,” which describes the character to a T. Her love for the finer things in life, such as (famously) a Birkin bag, also aligns with Taurus's "earthy need to have quality goods at their disposal at all times,” Stardust adds. They also note that “Tauruses are known for their hard work and ability to make things look effortless,” which Samantha personifies as she easily takes “on the role of a boss without any difficulty.” 

As the outspoken one of the group, Samantha also aligns with the Scorpio sign. Much like the water sign’s fixed nature, “her approach towards her expectations is firm and unwavering,” Stardust states. Also like a Scoprio, Samantha remains steadfast but has a "significant metamorphosis" as the series progresses. “Her tenacity and resilience make her the quintessential Scorpio, as she cannot capitulate easily,” Stardust adds. 

Finally, Stardust says that Samantha's “adventurous nature” makes her “an ideal candidate for being a Sagittarius Sun sign.” Though she’s hard-working, she also knows how to have fun, much like a Sagittarius. They add that another tribute of the the archer Samantha possesses is the ability to relish in the moment instead of dwelling on the past. “Samantha's direct nature and truthfulness align with the fiery nature of a Sagittarius as they are known to be passionate and unafraid to express their feelings or desires,” Stardust adds.

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