Survivor Season 46 Breaks the Record for Most Players Voted Out with Idols In a Season After Episode 11

This post contains spoilers from the May 8 episode of Survivor

Published Time: 09.05.2024 - 05:31:08 Modified Time: 09.05.2024 - 05:31:08

This post contains spoilers from the May 8 episode of Survivor.

In Survivor 46’s “Run the Red Light” episode last week, a “pissed” Liz yelled at Q for not picking her to go on an Applebee’s reward feast and sticking with the majority to blindside Tiffany instead of voting for Q.

With Tiffany voted out with her immunity idol in her pocket, episode 11, titled “My Messy, Sweet Little Friend," saw the remaining seven castaways scrambling to find the idol that producers hid and put back into play. 

Back at camp, Kenzie cried over being left out of the blindside plan. “I got blindsided, too, you know,” she confessed, later adding, “The only person who hasn’t lied to me is Venus ... my messy, sweet little friend.”

Charlie consoled Kenzie, telling her the mastermind behind the blindside was Maria, who rallied the troops behind Kenzie and Venus’ backs.

With Venus and Kenzie on the outs, they felt it crucial to find the hidden immunity idol. After a frantic hunt, Venus found the idol in the jungle.

At the beach, Maria and Charlie celebrated the blindside. However, Charlie admitted in a confessional that there's a “huge target” on Maria’s back after orchestrating the big Tiffany move. In separate conversations, Kenzie, Venus and Liz agreed about Maria’s threat level.

At the three-section immunity challenge on day 21 of 26, Charlie took an early lead heading into the final section, a “snake track” that involved snaking a ball through a snake-shaped obstacle. 

Maria quickly stole the lead, which was short-lived as all the players caught up. However, Maria regained control and secured the victory, earning her second immunity win of the season and pizza as a bonus. 

Host Jeff Probst allowed Maria to choose two pla -

yers to enjoy the pizza with her. She quickly picked Ben, who was “falling” apart and hungry. Charlie and Kenzie took themselves out of consideration. Then, Maria made Q and Liz play rock, paper, scissors for the final spot. Q won.

“Maria went from being a hero to a villain real quick,” Venus said.

While eating pizza, Maria, Ben and Q strategized to vote out Venus next, not knowing Venus now has an idol.

Meanwhile, the four who didn’t get to eat set their sights on voting out Q. Charlie seemed to be saying what the other three wanted to hear instead of wanting to really go through with that plan.

“I want a final four that doesn’t have Q or Maria in it,” Charlie later said.

Venus then teased Charlie, whom she called the “King Pin” for working the middle, that she has something up her sleeve to help him get to that final four, causing him to worry that she might have the idol.

At tribal council, Charlie stuck to his original alliance, helping Maria, Q and Ben to vote Venus out in another blindside.

Venus became the fourth player voted out with an unused immunity idol in his or her pocket this season. Season 46 set the record for most players voted out with an idol. Notably, this is the third consecutive episode in which a castaway was voted out in this manner. 

In all 46 seasons, 26 players have been voted out with idols — including Jem, Hunter, Tiffany and Venus this season alone.

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Survivor season 46 airs on Wednesdays at 8 p.m. ET/PT on CBS.

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